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Top upcoming smartphones to be launched in the second-half of 2018.

The first half of 2018 is over and we have seen some amazing smartphones launched but as we move to second half of the year there is more to come. As they say save the best for the last same is the case with smartphone manufacturers. Major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia have saved their best devices to launch later this year. Here is the list of top flagship devices scheduled to be launched in upcoming six months. Moto Z series: Continuing the standard the Moto's Z series will be patched with unbreakable display. Rumors suggest that Motorola's Z3, Z3 Play and Z3 Force, reportedly, will be launched some time in July. The USP for the Z series remains the same that is its unbreakable "ShatterShield" display. The device is expected to support 5G and will have cool modular abilities. Nokia 9: HMD Global the company that brought Nokia back is set to launch its all powerful flagship, The Nokia 9 in fall this year. Reportedly, the device will f

Oppo Find X: Bezel-less phone with pop-up cameras.

As notches are spreading like an infection from one phone to another, Oppo has introduced one with its Oppo Find X : a cure - pop-up camera. After the Vivo NEX S, Oppo Find X is the second phone that introduced one and it is even more adorable than what vivo NEX S is providing. Instead of a small slide out (intorduced in vivo NEX S), the whole top side of the phone comes up with the dual camera on the rear and the selfie camera on the front along with other elements. And it happens only in fraction of seconds. Below are some features of Oppo Find X: 1. Panoramic Arc Screen -  Visual revolution This is the world’s first panoramic designed phone, designed so uniquely that it holds the nature's beauty into a leading technology product. In this phone the front screen is combined with two seamless pieces of glass that features a gorgeous panoramic view. Panoramic Arc Screen: 6.42 inches Panoramic View: 19.5:9 Screen Ratio: 93.8% 2. Unified Design -  In pursuit of perfec

Jaguar I-Pace: Quiet Car With Loud Presence.

The Jaguar I-Pace has futuristic design to shred its electric opponents to dust. With 298 miles between recharges and 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds, the I-Pace makes for a superb all-rounder. As good to drive as it is to look at. Jaguar as the name sounds develops cars with amazing technology under the hood and are known for their world class safety features. Back in 2016 Jaguar design chief Ian Callum gave his team more freedom to design a car. Now after two years of development the 2019 I-Pace is ready to hit the floor. The I-Pace does not use six cylinder engine or doesn't have long hood or is noisy. It is a car which have developed with upcoming era and now this is the car which will give Tesla a serious competition as it's Jaguar’s first battery driven electric  vehicle. What’s it like on the outside?: This car does not look like any other Jaguar models, it has futuristic design. Car is marketed as  SUV but it does not look like one. It has bluff nose, low roof and

Wi fi does not have valid IP - Resolved!

In today's world, life without internet is horrible. Our lives have been so much dependent on internet that we can not go without it for an hour. Internet is being used in various ways, on mobile devices, through LAN cables etc. Among these is Wi Fi connection which removes the usage of wires for internet connection. Sometimes one might face problems while connecting to internet through Wi Fi connection. One of such problem is "Wi fi does not have a valid IP". So, here are some of the solutions that proved helpful to various users and you can also give it a try. 1)  Reset TCP/IP i) Open Command Prompt as administrator by pressing Windows Key + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu. ii) Enter the following lines in command prompt: -> netsh winsock reset -> netsh int ip reset iii) Close Command Prompt and restart your PC. This solution has been helpful to most users having issue with IP configuration problem, but if you are using static IP

How to create a Gift card for your Loved One's

Greetings are still sent via cards to special ones. Gift cards are the ones which can be given any time on any occasion. So here is one more kind of card which you may like gifting to others. What we need: - Sheet of paper - A pair of scirros - Glue Steps to Reproduce: 1. Take a sheet of paper of size (18X18 cm). 2. Fold it inward vertically and horizontally as shown in figure ii. 3. Cut it along the yellow lines shown in the figure iii. 4. Paste the area marked as red in figure iv to the other end and it will appear like figure v. 5. Then make an invard fold along the grey line shown in figure vi such that the figure closes to look like figure vii. 6. Now make four other similar figures and paste them back to back. The card is ready and get ready to rock.

SmartWatch vs SmartBand: Which One Should You Choose?

If you want to buy your first smart wearable and are confused which one to buy then this article is for you. With the growing technology everyone wants smart devices, which help them to manage things on the go. This helps them to be productive, keeping up good health and have great personal life. Many people prefer these devices to manage health such as checking their calories burnt, heart rate and exercise intensity. Additionally some people prefer them as they keep them updated with latest notifications.  If you are planning to buy a smart band or smart watch then this article will help you to make an informed decision. SmartWatch vs SmartBand: We tested both the devices from both categories, so let's  enlist the devices based on parameters and compare both against each other. Battery Life: This is the biggest concern of every buyer as smartwatches usually have poor battery life and need to be charged everyday. So if you forget to charge it fully then chances are it w

OnePlus 6 achieves a new Feat, Sells record 1 million units in 22 days.

The company’s earlier products, OnePlus 5 and 5T, too crossed the one million mark but it took them more than three months to achieve it. OnePlus 6 is the name on every tech enthusiast mouth. This is the latest device by Chinese device manufacturer launched back in  May. OnePlus has sold more than million units of its latest flagship and this feat was achieved in just 22 days of its launch. This makes it the most successful phone by the company. After achieving this feat CEO Pete Lau said: "Since before OnePlus launched, we've always taken care to listen closely to our users and deliver smartphones which combine design and power. The OnePlus 6 is our most balanced handset yet, combining style and speed for a unique experience. Our approach has been rewarded by returning users and new customers alike, and we're grateful to the OnePlus community as the OnePlus 6 has become our fastest selling handset ever." These sales figure shows how popular the company i

Apple Pay vs Google Pay vs Samsung Pay: Which one is the Best!

Technology is growing at tremendous rate and now with growing technology you need not carry your wallets with you for shopping, buying groceries or eating. In latest trends mobile payment systems want you to forget your physical wallet and cards and carry only your smart phone or smart watch with you. Rather than swiping card just tap your phone on payment terminal and pay. Currently, the most established systems are from Google, Samsung and Apple. Wearable manufacturers such as Fitbit and Garmin also offer their own payment systems. So how do Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay compare and which one is best? In all the three Payment methods you need to add your card in their mobile wallets then you can use them in any country that accepts contact less payments on terminals which accept physical card for payment. But there is an exception , Samsung Pay also works on old terminals which have a magnetic card reader. Technology and availability: All the three

Cool Mango Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Everybody likes to devour mangoes and during this warm summer time here are some recipes to make cool mango shakes. MANGO, ORANGE and MINT SMOOTHIE: Mango is a fruit loved through everyone whilst orange is a tangy, pleasant citrus fabricated from nature. Mint is thought for its clean, cooling and medicinal properties. When a lot of these three are combined collectively, along with pumpkin seeds and oats, right into a power-packed smoothie, how can it no longer be decadent? Make this healthful smoothie your move-to summer time refreshment. INGREDIENTS: - 2 portions Mango - 1 tablespoon Oats - 2-3 cups skimmed milk/fresh Yogurt - 1 Bunch Mint Leaves COOKING STEPS: Step 1 : Roast the Oats and Pumpkin Seeds on low heat for two-three minutes. Take the aggregate out on a plate and allow it cool down to room temperature.Grind right into a excellent powder. Step 2 : In a blender jar, integrate the diced mangoes, orange juice, milk, oats and pumpkin. Add half tbsp mint leaves

Block-chain- explained in a simple way

Block-chain as the name suggests is combination of two words, Block-Chain. It is called so because it consists of chain of blocks. Blocks that store data in them. Earlier this technique was used in distributed ledgers for storing the dates in the blocks so that data could not be stored on back date. What does Block contains? A Block stores data, Hash and Hash of previous block. Data: It can be anything that you want to store in blocks. For eg. in Bitcoins Blocks contain transaction information like 'From', 'To' and 'Amount'. Hash:  It is a unique entity like fingerprints. Whenever a block is created it is assigned a unique Hash that separates it from other blocks. Changes made to Block results in changing the Hash of the Block. This is the important feature of Block-Chain technology. Hash of previous Block:  This is the important feature of Block-Chain technology as this forms the chain of blocks. How does it work? As each block contains Hash of

iOS 12: Features worth getting excited about

Apple showcased how different they are from its competetors. At annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) event Apple unleashed its new mobile OS known as iOS 12. The update will be available to all devices which currently have iOS11. This means that iPhone 5s and later will be getting the update. Same goes for any iPad released since 2013. This new OS brings variety of new improvements. Performance: Apple was previously crticised for reducing performacne of its older devices. Taking that seriously Apple has focused big time on performance. The iOS 12 provides 40% faster app launch, 70% faster camera, 50% faster keyboard making faster than its predecessor. Also due to its clever CPU boosts there are huge optimizations under heavy load . New AR Kit: Apple's main focus is todays Augmented reality. With its introduction in iOS 11, now iOS 12 introduces new AR Kit 2 and a brand-new file format for 3D graphics - USDZ. This is an open source format and all iOS apps have sup

Tricks to get your Adsense Approved within Few Days.

Whenever we create a blog we think of earning revenue from ads. But this is not an easy task there are some strict rules due to which people fail to get approval of Adsense. There are many websites which provides ads services but Google Adsense is the best and most economical to earn revenue. Also Google Adsense is high paying PPC/CPC Network in 2018. Due to strict rules people fail to get the approval of Google Adsense. But if you follow these tips you can get Google Adsense approval fast. Google Adsense is Bid based CPC and RPM network. Depending on amount of traffic you receive you can earn CPC rates from $0.02 – $15. Here are some Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval: Every blogger or webmaster who is newbie has a question of how to get Google Adsense approved. For this your website or blog must comply with the Google Adsense policies, terms, and conditions. Unique/ Quality Content: This is most important factor responsible for Google Adsense approval or disapproval in