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Tricks to get your Adsense Approved within Few Days.

Whenever we create a blog we think of earning revenue from ads. But this is not an easy task there are some strict rules due to which people fail to get approval of Adsense. There are many websites which provides ads services but Google Adsense is the best and most economical to earn revenue. Also Google Adsense is high paying PPC/CPC Network in 2018. Due to strict rules people fail to get the approval of Google Adsense. But if you follow these tips you can get Google Adsense approval fast.

Google Adsense is Bid based CPC and RPM network. Depending on amount of traffic you receive you can earn CPC rates from $0.02 – $15.

Here are some Tips to Get Google AdSense Approval:

Every blogger or webmaster who is newbie has a question of how to get Google Adsense approved. For this your website or blog must comply with the Google Adsense policies, terms, and conditions.

Unique/ Quality Content:
This is most important factor responsible for Google Adsense approval or disapproval in your site. Best practice is to write unique content which is not copied form any other site. Content should have a good quality that attracts a lot of people. If your blog or site contain copied content, then it will never get approved. So never try1 to copy posts from the other blogs or websites, if you upload fresh, unique content with good quality then you would be able to get Google Adsense approval fast.

Also never use copyright images, instead create and use your own images. Also illegal or adult content is against the Google Policies. You must write 40-50 quality posts for your visitors or readers.

Good Body Content:

Content is backbone of getting Google Adsense approval. Therefore you must write useful articles having rich information which is not easily available form websites. Your article must have minimum 500 words. Also content of your article should match at least 60% of your heading and keywords. Never post article which does not comply with Google Adsense policy.

Domain Name:

This plays a key role in getting Adsense approved. Google is here to do a business and they only choose top-level domains(for e.g. .com, .org, .net etc). So if you use top level domain then your website will get approved fast, even with few posts. Google always appreciate the top level and unique domain but if you write high quality and sufficient contents, for your blog, then Google Adsense get approved without a top level domain.

Domain Age:

According to Google policy domain should need to be 6 month old in India/Pakistan to apply for Google Adsense application, but if you receive lot of organic traffic and have unique content then you may get Adsense approval earlier.

Use Google Adsense Supported Language:

There is list of 36 languages that are supported by Adsense. So make sure to use them otherwise your Adsense will never get approved. You need to place Google translator in your site if you are using non English language.


Your site should appear professional therefore use professional themes and add social network sharing buttons. Also you must have About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer pages. All links and pages should be accessible and should not throw any error.


This is the key criteria for Adsense approval, if you fail to receive some amount of organic traffic everyday. You should have minimum 100+ unique visitors visit per day, before applying for Adsesne. Also do not use third party services to receive traffic. Google will blacklist your website.

These were the key points to get your website ready for Google Adsense and then you can earn revenue once your Adsense is approve. If you have any queries then you can comment below and we will solve your queries.


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