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Instax Card

Today you are going to learn something fascinating that can leave anyone surprised by the fact that how can such things be hand made. This is an instax card or I would say a rotating card. That means a card that open after rotating it in anti-clockwise direction. This is made only by paper folding and everyone will enjoy making it. Requirements: 1. Eight 15*15 cm white sheets 2. Glue Steps: 1. Take one sheet of paper and fold it diagonally in both directions as shown in figure. 2. Now take one corner of paper and place it over the cross made by folds at center and repeat the same with the opposite edge (figure will appear like v). 3. Take one edge (shown in figure ) and place it over the diagonal crease and do the same with opposite edge (figure will appear like vii). 4. Observe the points marked A and B in figure viii, take point B and place it over A and your figure will be similar to the one shown in fig. ix. 5. Now again take point marked as A in fig. Ix and

Paper Wall Hanging

Wall Hangings are something that add to decor of your room. These are attractive and helps you fill your empty room with these beautifull things. And for having these in your room you do not need to purchase them as you cane easily create many of these at home. Get ready to rock with your scissors. Things that we need: - Colored paper (5x5 cm) - 6 A4 sized sheets - Glue - Scissors - Thread Steps to be followed: 1. Take one colored sheet of paper and make a daignol fold forming a triangle. 2. Take the opposite ends of triangle and meet those making a fold.Repeat this one more time. 3. With the figure obtained, make the shape of a flower petal as shown and cut it out. 4. A flower is obtained. 5. Make another one and give a little inward curve (with scissor or pencil) to the petals. 6. Take the first petal made and place the curved one over it. Paste these from center. 7. Reapeat steps 1-6 for making each flower. Make as many as you want. 8. Now you need to make a p

EV Charging Roads: Moving towards an electrified future.

Global warming is increasing day by day along with environmental pollution, majority of it is caused by gasoline powered cars. As world is looking forward for clean fuel, electric cars are the future and are way to go. Electric cars are gaining huge success that major car makers are planning to go all electric by 2020. But people are afraid to buy electric cars as unlike gasoline powered cars they require much more charging time and there are not much recharging stations out there. Thus people buying electric cars have Range Anxiety that their car’s battery will die and will leave them stranded. To cope up with this problem EV charging roads are now developed  so that your car never run out of juice. Now Sweden unveiled eRoad Arlanda, this is the first electrified road in the world.  It is 2 km stretch along high traffic shopping route. The road contains electrified rails that are installed in the road. The rails attach to vehicle and charge them, the cost is calculated and is d

How to make Explosion Box

This is something which is more attractive and breathtaking to be given as a gift, the Explosion Box. As the name explains, it explodes with a lot of things in it on opening. It includes various items in it which adds to its beauty. If you are a crafts person, then you are going to love this. Grab your scissors and papers and try your hands on this. Be ready with these: - a pair of scissors - colored sheet of paper Follow these steps: 1. Take a sheet of paper of size 9cm X 9cm as shown in figure i. 2. Now fold inward at gap of 3cm in both directions horizontally and vertically as shown in figure ii. 3. Make diagnal folds outward as shown in figure iii and keep this aside. 4. Now take another sheet of paper of dimensions 8cm X 8cm and repeat step 2. 5. Cut along the edges marked in yellow in figure iv. 6. After cutting, place the pink portion marked in figure v over the yellow portion and paste making a pocket and figure will appear like figure vi. 7. Take one more sheet

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: What is the difference.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are very hot techs nowadays which is on everybody minds, these are often used interchangeably. Nowadays whenever a product is launched the term AI is used with it. Sometimes people use term AI instead of Machine Learning therefore the difference between both of them becomes unclear. Everyone is familiar with term Artificial Intelligence from the sci-fi movies, but this term was coined by John McCarthy in 1956.  Artificial Intelligence: The general meaning of AI is machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “Smart”. This include planning, understanding language, recognizing objects and sounds, learning, and problem solving. Main objective of AI except for performing complex calculations is to mimic human nature of decision making processes and carry out tasks in more human like ways. There are two types of AI ie 'Applied AI' and 'General AI'. System that replicates a