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Tesla Model Y: Near to perfect SUV

Tesla is storming the market with its amazing products. The latest iteration in Tesla lineup is Tesla Model Y. This SUV does-not look boxy like SUV's of its rivals but looks like its increasingly popular SUV coupe ie Tesla Model 3.This is a crucial car for Tesla as its success will shape companies future. Overview: Since the Tesla Model Y reveal, there’s been a lot of chatter about whether Model Y is an SUV or CUV. It does mot look like SUV due to its looks as they are not of old school but have a very similar shape and size of (Mercedes GLC Coupe and the Porsche Cayenne Coupe) to two notable premium sports SUVs currently sold worldwide. The Tesla Model Y is the most streamlined and aerodynamic iteration of the category. It has very low drag coefficient making it the most energy efficient car. Interior Space: This is the seven seater car by Tesla and has ample space for front and middle row passengers. However there is not much of rear legroom and space for rear passeng

Can deleted files be restored?

Deleting file from Android device, iPhones, computers or laptops does not erase it completely. There is still a possibility to recover the deleted data. So if one is planning on selling personal mobile phone or laptop, even after removing all the data, then also there are chances that anyone can access your personal stuff. And no one wants to get blackmailed with their scandalous stuff. In computers/laptops it mostly depends on the hard disk used, if it is SSD (Solid State Drives) then deleted data is hard to recover as it completely removes the file from its memory. But this is not true in case of hard disks. Hard disks use pointers for storing the location of file whenever created. Therefore on deleting any file its pointer gets deleted but the data is not removed from drive. It is still recoverable. Usually it takes only few seconds to remove any amount of data even data worth 10 GB space, however while writing data of same amount takes a lot more time. Which mean actual

Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 660 v Helio P70: Which is best midrange SoC

The competition is getting tougher with each passing year, all manufacturers are putting their efforts to bring device that packs best for the price segment. As there are different manufactures, each one packs their custom SOC or processors. So it’s hard to distinguish between which one is better. Samsung packs Exynos 7904 in their M series smartphones and Xiaomi has brought Snapdragon 660 in their latest Redmi Note 7. Meanwhile Realme is not left behind they pack Helio P70 in their Realme 3. So as there are different manufactures it’s hard to verify which one is the best? So to sort out the confusion here is the complete detailed comparison to find out which SOC is powerful. Quick comparison between   Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 660 v Helio P70 Exynos 7904 Snapdragon 660 Helio P70 Architecture 14nm 14nm 12nm CPU 2x1.8GHz Cortex-A73  +  6x1.6GHz Cortex-A53 4x2.2 GHz Kryo 260 +  4

What is a GPU and how does it work? Explained

Ever since the increasing in trend towards gaming we are becoming more familiar with the term called Graphics card or GPU(Graphics processing unit). GPU's are critical part for game performance and we are seeing increasing performance with each passing year. We will dive into the technicalities of GPU and explain it as simply as possible. Why Don’t We Run Rendering With CPUs? This is the first question which comes in every-bodies mind why we don’t use CPUs for rendering workloads in gaming in the first place. In theory we can run rendering workloads directly on a CPU. Earlier the games used to run entirely on the CPU but nowadays with advanced graphics and texture rendering the CPU that can handle this kind of performance are too costly to make. CPUs are designed to be general-purpose microprocessors and lack specialized hardware and capabilities that GPUs offer. What’s a GPU? GPU is a piece of hardware device that can map and perform tasks such as geometry setup and ex