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How to Fix 100% Disk Usage on Windows.

Many users face a situation when their windows is at 100% disk usage. Thus their PC tends to freeze and unable to run smoothly. It took ages to open applications such as Task Manager and after opening the users realize that their disk is being used at its full capacity. Symptoms To check weather your disk is running at its full capacity open the Task Manager then under 'Process and Performance' tab observe that disk utilization reaches upto 100%. This leads to lags and unresponsive system. Applications give error messages. The system starts freezing until disk usage is reduced from 100%. Fix Windows 10 '100% disk usage problem' Here are few methods that have helped some users fix their Windows 10 100% disk usage problem. By following simple procedures to resolve Windows 10 100% disk usage problem. Method One. Check your Anti-virus Software Usually, the virus could be the main cause of 100% disk usage. Scan your computer completely and your anti

Indian Dishes that can be prepared in 15 minutes

Sometimes we are tired and hungry and in mood to make a dish that can be ready in few minutes, so here are some suggestions for such situation: 1) Achaari Paneer - Mix fennel seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida in a bowl. - Take a pan, heat oil then add the seed mixture. - Wait until seeds crackle then add onions and saute till onion tun pink. - Add Cheese, turmeric, chilli powder, black salt and stir. - Continue stirring for sometime and then add coriander and salt - Bring it to boil and dish is ready 2) Egg Curry - Take a soucepan, add 2 tbsp of oil and heat. - Add chopped onions, garlic and ginger paste - Wait until onions are fried then add some turmeric powder, garam masala powder, coriander powder and red chilli powder and stir well - Add the tomato curry, boiled eggs and salt - Now boil the curry for 10-15 minutes until eggs are coated well with curry. - Dish is ready, serve hot. 3) Methi Pakoras - Take a bowl and mix met

Cryptojacking: Secrete mining on your PC's.

Process by which new digital currency is created is known as Mining. In this, computer’s processing power is used to solve difficult cryptographic puzzles. The more puzzles a computer can solve, more the rewards earned. Crypto-mining can slow down user's computer as they use their CPU/GPU processing power. In some cases the computer can die-out due to overheating caused by crypto-mining. Cryptojacking is a new security threat these days. It is defined as the secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency. What happens is, upon visiting some websites they runs a Javascript on user's browser and mines Cryptocoins. This effects user's computers by using their CPU's power and data thus slowing down their machine's performance. This process consumes more electricity costing the targeted user. Most of these websites mine Monero as it is easy to mine using raw CPU power. Nearly 2500 sites are using cryptojacking and this number keeps increasing day by

How to make Cute Small Notebooks.

Here is one more thing that can be gifted to your loved one's with a heart touching message inside. If you want to share your feelings with someone, this is something you might prefer, Small Book. What we need: - A4 size sheet - Scissors - Glue Steps: 1. Take A4 sheet and place it horizontally. 2. Now divide it into 4 equal strips (as shown in figure viii). 3. Take one strip and fold it making a crease in middle (as shown in figure ix ), repeat this three times 4. Repeat step 3 for other strips. 5. Unfold these strips and join all the strips end to end using glue and join the last end with the first one making a loop (Place the green colored portion shown in fig xvi over the yellow colored). 6. Now fold these strips in zig-zag manner as shown in fig xvii. 7. Open it and apply glue on one side of paper (marked yellow in fig xviii) and re- fold it in zig-zag manner, pages of your book are ready. To make cover of book: 1. Take A4 sheet, fold in manner making a