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Samsung Wireless Power Bank review| Fast charging Wireless Power bank

Today's world have become so much hard user of mobile phones that they run out of juice. To tackle this problem power banks were developed and we have seen surge of power bank shipments in 2019. While power banks are common there are few wireless power banks from reputed manufacturers. The Samsung wireless power bank is one of its kind that supports fast charging both wireless and wired. It has a capacity of 10000 mAh which is quite impressive.The power bank supports standard Qi charging for wireless charging, Samsung's own Fast Charge protocol with the maximum peak output of 7.5 watts. Samsung could have gone for much better 10 Watt output for wireless charging. For wired charging, the power bank can output at 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A and 12V/1.25A. The maximum output is 15 watts which is quite good for Samsung phones because majority of them support max 15W input. The power bank supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and Samsung Fast Charge protocols. We did quick tests first w

What is MicroLED TV Tech | Better than OLED and QLED!

MicroLED was just a latest tech buzzword a few years ago, but today it stands as a major thing in TV technology. Figuratively MicroLED is the technology behind the world’s largest displays currently available. While the sheer enormity of the displays that MicroLED makes possible, it becomes clear this technology isn’t about making just behemoth TVs. Lets discuss the nitty-gritty of MicroLED and analyze why this will become the technology of coming decades. On paper, MicroLED offer excellent color, perfect blacks,and near-perfect off-angle viewing. To understand why MicroLED is such a big deal, lets take a quick look on how how modern-day TVs work: The LED TVs are LCD panels with a bunch of LED lights behind them. This is because the LCD screens can’t make their own light, so it becomes necessary to provide backlight in order to get a picture. The OLED TVs are the biggest selling TV's right now and they also get such great reviews, this is due to the fact that OLED panels