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What is MicroLED TV Tech | Better than OLED and QLED!

MicroLED was just a latest tech buzzword a few years ago, but today it stands as a major thing in TV technology. Figuratively MicroLED is the technology behind the world’s largest displays currently available.

While the sheer enormity of the displays that MicroLED makes possible, it becomes clear this technology isn’t about making just behemoth TVs. Lets discuss the nitty-gritty of MicroLED and analyze why this will become the technology of coming decades.

On paper, MicroLED offer excellent color, perfect blacks,and near-perfect off-angle viewing. To understand why MicroLED is such a big deal, lets take a quick look on how how modern-day TVs work:

The LED TVs are LCD panels with a bunch of LED lights behind them. This is because the LCD screens can’t make their own light, so it becomes necessary to provide backlight in order to get a picture.

The OLED TVs are the biggest selling TV's right now and they also get such great reviews, this is due to the fact that OLED panels are an “emissive display” technology. This means that Each pixel in an OLED screen makes its own light. The biggest advantages of OLEDs are perfect black levels, excellent color, and near-perfect off-angle viewing. In a nutshell, OLED is excellent at everything while LCD/LED TVs are not.

Each tech comes with some downsides, so do OLED panels? The panels are made with organic compounds, and they are expensive to make, somewhat limited in brightness, and biggest flaw is burn-in under the most excruciating viewing scenarios.

Additionally they are very difficult to manufacture in large sizes. 
The benefits of MicroLED:
Just like OLED, MicroLED are also an emissive display, but they don't rely on organic compounds to make light. On paper, MicroLED displays should offer perfect blacks, excellent color, and near-perfect off-angle viewing, just like OLED. In addition to this they should also be even brighter, very slim, immune to burn-in, and, in the long run, less expensive to make than OLED.

Since small MicroLED panels can be combined, therefore the screen can be manufactured of any size. Also MicroLED TVs are based on a modular system, hence users can  customize the size of their screen. Therefore users can enhance the size of  display in near future.

Better than OLED?
Indeed MicroLED displays are stunning, and have incredible color saturation. Also they are much more brighter than the displays of this size.

Well if you are thinking that whether MicroLED are step-up from OLED TV, it will depend on lot of factors, basically the size. Currently MicroLED displays much costlier and therefore if you are considering to get the whole wall as a display, then OLED is the better option. Additionally MicroLED are in development phase and with the advancements in technology we can see MiroLed TV's surpassing OLED TV's.


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