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QLED vs OLED: Difference between both technologies and which one is better.

The previous blog highlighted the technology and working of OLED and QLED televisions. If you have not checked that out click on this link to know about it. There are many differences between both the technologies, before you make any decision to shell out your hard earned money, we will be comparing both the technologies based on Brightness, contrast, viewing angles, response time and lifespan. Black levels and contrast: The difference between the brightest and the darkest part of an image is known as contrast. So if your TV can make true dark blacks then it does not have to work hard on making brighter parks extra bright to achieve good levels of contrast. Due to this reason, OLED reigns as the undisputed champion because of its ability to go completely black when it needs to. Whereas QLED TVs are forced to dim their LED backlight and block the light, which is very hard to do perfectly. Due to this reason the issue of “light bleed” (as the light spills onto what’s supposed