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Finally iOS 14 copied these useful features from Android

iOS and Android are much more alike than ever. Apple held its Worldwide Developer Conference, and like each year this year Apple showcased iOS 14. Since ages there has been a lot of difference between Android and iOS, but now that gap has been narrowed as this will be the most substantial iOS updates in quite a while. Lot of missing features in iOS are now available such as widgets and an app drawer. Yes, these things have been with Android since ages. Apple, brought it to iOS to lessen the gap between two OS and thereby attracting more Android users to iOS. Here are the top features iOS 14 copied from Android. Home screen widgets This is the biggest change to iOS’s home screen. Previously you could only place widgets in the leftmost page, but now you can place them anywhere in the home screen. Widgets help us to get the right amount of information that we like.  Another addition is the "Smart Stack" widget that automatically displays different app widgets based on the time o