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How to make paper Rose bud

Roses are the most beautiful flowers and the best gifts to be given. Although, real ones decay over the passage of time and do not retain its beautiful appearance, so here is something you can try for gifting it to someone special if you love art and craft. This paper rose is the easiest one to make and a beautiful present to be given. Get ready with your paper. Steps : 1. Figure i: Take the colored square sheet of paper (any color whichever you chose the color for rose). 2. Figures ii and iii: Fold the paper horizontally and vertically meeting the opposite edges one by one. 3. Figure iv and v: Now open the paper and fold it diagonally meeting opposite vertices. 4. Figure vi and vii: Unfold the paper, pick two opposite ends of the horizontal line and place these on one of the end of vertical line and press it. Observe that you get a triangle. 5. Fig viii and ix: Pick the two ends of longest side and place it over the third end. Repeat with other side. 6. Now take p

What is DxOMark and How its score is calculated.

In past few years, competition has become so fierce that smartphone manufactures are more influential in the area of camera. Nowadays each time a new flagship smartphone is unveiled its camera performance is rated in terms of DxOMark. Smartphone manufacturers use its numerical score as a weapon to describe its best in class performance as the best ever given by DxOMark. DxOMark is a rating website that is owned by DxO Labs, an image processing software company based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. DxOMark is a weighted score system which turns a number of sub-scores of a camera. The camera performance is tested in various departments and each is given sub-scores based on its performance. For images the exposure and contrast, color, autofocus, texture, noise, artifacts, flash, zoom, and bokeh are given sub-scores whereas for video, the sub-scores are exposure and contrast, color, autofocus, texture, noise, artifacts, and stabilization. Apart from these there are also artifac

Waterfall Card

A beautiful art piece to be gifted. What do we need: 1. Paper (colored/plane) 2. Scissors 3. Glue Steps to make: 1. See fig i in the image and cut out the pieces shown. 2. Now take the big strip, fold it in half (fig ii) and then make outward folds at the gap of 1.5 cm on the front half portion as marked in the fig iii. 3. Take the small squares and paste these on big strip by applying glue on the area marked 1 in fig iii. 4. Place the first square on area marked 1 in fig iii and proceed similarly for other squares. 5. Take a small strip and paste it below the first square that we placed. 7. Now take a sheet of paper and paste the end of the strip on it. 8. Paste any pictures or write any message and your waterfall card is ready. 9. Pull the bottom strip to make it work.

Delicious and easy to make Snacks.

From children to grandparents everyone like snacks. So here is a recipe which will be liked by everyone, potato rolls. Try these and share your experience: Potato Rolls Ingredients: - Crushed Bread - 3 Boiled Potatoes - Salt, Red Peprica - 2 tbsp Wheat Flour Steps to Prepare: - Take a cup of water in a pan and mix the flour in it. Potato Mash: - Mash the boiled potatoes. - Add salt, back pepper, red pepper to potatoes and mix well. - Make lemon sized ball of the mashed potatoes. Frying: - Heat oil in a pan - Dip the potato balls in the floor paste - Deep fry these rolls till they become golden brown. - Serve hot with tomato ketchup. Mac and Cheese Ingredients: - 1/3 Cup Macaroni - 3/4 Cup Cheddar Cheese, shredded - 2 Tbsp Milk - 1/4 Cup Water Steps to Prepare: - Take macaroni in a bowl and add water to it. - Put the bowl in Microwave for about two minutes. - Add milk and shredded cheese to the macaroni and stir. - Microwave the bowl for anothe

How SpaceX is bringing Revolution in Space Travel.

Space X made history when they launched Falcon Heavy Rocket on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018, from Cape Canaveral. Millions of eyes were glued to the devices to see it happen in the real world, that had often been seen in the Sci-Fi movies. Right from the beginning of launch preparations till the successful launch, no one wanted to miss any of this as this was something that has never happened in the history. Main motive of this launch was to bring the rockets back on earth rather that letting them float in the space. Musk build SpaceX for reducing the costs of space exploration and to make humans a multi-planetary species. All this can be achieved by bringing a technology which no other company have ever imagined to achieve. After introducing this new technology, SpaceX is on hype in space race and its name is known throughout the world, but this journey has not been the easy one for the company. To lower the cost of space exploration and be an interplanetary species first major task

How IoT will impact online gaming industry.

Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a hot tech that is on everybody’s lips. It is a network of physical devices such as vehicles, home appliances and other electronic devices through internet connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. There are endless opportunities in IoT, when you start connecting things with things, humans with humans, or humans with things. Nowadays this hot tech has become an important part of our lives. Companies are earning huge amount of money by connecting devices and their revenue chart have skyrocketed. Gaming industry is one of the major industry which is impacted by IoT, and it’s most significant impact is on online gaming, whether they are consoles or online gambling. Impact of IoT on Casinos: One of the key area which has flourished over time is gambling industry. Online casinos have been effected by the growth of IoT. Playing poker or blackjack remotely without going to the casinos is of huge advantage as peop