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The Rise, the Fall and Resurgence of the Electric Cars

Major technological change are occurring all over the world day by day and sometimes we see history repeating all over again when these changes occur. This is true in case of electric cars. In 1900 around 40% of the cars were electric, 38% ran on steam and only 22% ran on gasoline. Now we are about to relive history but in more advanced way as we are approaching 2020 with more electric cars being launched. But something happened that lead to rise and downfall of electric cars in 19th centuary and now electric cars are re-gaining popularity and overtaking gasoline cars. Lets get started with the past, first electric car was build by Thomas Davenport in 1835, this was 30 years after the first hydrogen car was launched. The gasoline engine did not get alone till 1870 and first production car came by 1885 by Carl Benz founder of Mercedes Benz. In the beginning of 1900 majority of cars were using combustion engines, this technology was taking over the old technology of steam eng

OnePlus5T: All you need to know.

 OnePlus 5T the company's latest flagship is launched only few months after the launch of OnePlus 5. Company has launched 5T soon after launching OnePlus 5 as it did not met 2017 design standards. Lot of One Plus 5 users were disappointed who bought this device but the latest flagship have some minute to major changes. Phone broke all sales record on the launch day. Is OnePlus 5T worth your money lets find out. DESIGN Gone are the days when phones had larger bezels. The device is 6.01 inches with dimensions “156.1 x 75 x 7.3 mm (6.15 x 2.95 x 0.29 in) ” and weighs “162 g”. The device is slightly thicker than OnePlus 5. The fingerprint sensor has been pushed to back of device to make room for all display design. The device continues to support alert slider and also has headphone jack which most flagship devices miss out. DISPLAY Major change in 5T is related to display it now supports 6 inches 18:9 ratio display. The screen is full-HD AMOLED unit made by Samsung with 1080

Different types of Dual Camera systems on Smartphones.

Dual camera system is becoming new trend and almost every phone from mid range to high end phones are coming with dual camera setup. Most of us think that all the dual camera systems are the same but this is not true. There are different type of dual camera systems, each having its own advantages along with some disadvantages. The Depth Sensor: Earlier phones using dual camera setup made use of this type of camera setup, the depth sensor. It is the most basic form of camera setup. In this system, the secondary camera accompanies primary camera to 3D map the area in front of primary camera. As we all know two eyes give us 3D view, this setup works on the same principle.Thus secondary camera measures depth of objects and tells how far the object really is. Using this information the camera can separate foreground from background. This setup gives shallow depth of field view. Phones with this type of camera setup are very rare. HTC One M8 was the first phone to use this camera s

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging is becoming popular and is going to replace charging device using physical cables. Data displays that adoption of the wireless charging is increasing at a rapid phase. Each year new devices join the family of wireless charging. This year Apple launched iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which supports wireless charging. Also some popular android phones such as Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 support wireless charging. Wireless charging is of different types, some wireless chargers use magnetic induction and some use magnetic resonance. Both these tech work on the same principle of placing the device on the charging pad and charging without the use of physical cable. How Wireless Charging Works? We generally say the term wireless charging but it truly isn’t wireless. Your device such as phone, Smart watch, headphones or any other device doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall outlet to function but the charger still need to be plugged in to the wall. This was th

Face ID a Cool Tech with Some Cons.

iPhone X is officially in markets and is selling like hot cakes. It is unique as it has ditched famous Touch ID and replaced it with Face ID. Touch ID is fast, responsive and secure but due to unique design of iPhone X apple had to replace this with its new tech. So, is Face ID really secure and better than Touch ID, let's find out. Face ID is the result of 10 years of innovations and tech of Apple, we can say it is Apple's best invention. Front side of iPhone X uses True Depth camera which is made of different elements, these all work together to make 3D image, the face. First of all, there is Dot Projector which projects the number of dots on person's face, 30,000 in total to be exact.This sensor helps to make detailed map of the face. Then comes the infrared camera which records placement of every dot which sends the data to its A11 Bionic Processor that checks it against pre-scanned images to verify the face of the person. If the image matches then iPhone X unl

Sophia Humanoid Robot Granted Citizenship to Saudi Arabia.

Technology is growing day by day at a very fast pace and new ideas are coming into picture. Most of the gadgets, cars and many other things are moving gradually towards AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. Predictions these days gives us a hint that AI will surround the world in future and mankind will be dependent on AI. Most of the work, these days done by man, like manufacturing, developing, testing, banking, cleaning, driving and list continues, will be done by AI. You might not believe this if we were talking about this about 5 years earlier, but today people imagine about AI being spreading gradually over almost everything as we have few live examples of AI in front of us. Self driving cars, instant machine translations, Siri, Google Now etc are examples of Artificial Intelligence. While many companies are working on AI, Hanson Robotics has developed a humanoid robot "Sophia". Sophia has shape of female human and has a face too similar to humans. There are many robot