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What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics.

Robotics is field of application which covers most the aspects of artificial intelligence. In this field Artificial intelligence is integrated into final result. Nowadays is an era of humanoid robots which are capable of walking, running, and exhibit human behavior. Sophia an humanoid robot is one such example which we can say is true hominoid robot. All this is possible due to huge amount of money spent on research and development of these robots. Previously robots had pre-programmed instructions due to which they had fixed  behavior  regardless of any changes in the environment. These robots had no autonomy or adaptation, to the changing environment. Thus they did not had intelligent behavior . Nowadays with advancements in technology, robots use AI as well as Machine Learning that, robots are capable of performing movements so precise and gentle, that they are able to do what human beings can do. We have grown so advanced but still there are thing that robots cannot do

How to Make Rasmalai

Ingredients: - 1 cup sugar - 3 tbsp lemon juice/ sirca - 1/2 tsp corn flour - 1lt full fat milk - 4 cups water For Malai: - 1 tbsp crushed Almonds - 1 tbsp crushed pista - 1/2 tsp Elaci powder - a pinch of saffron - 3 cups full fat milk - 1 small can of condensed milk ( or prepare it at home ) Method to prepare: For Balls:- 1. Take 1lt milk and set it to boil in a pan. 2. Make chesse from milk by adding lemon juise to it after milk is boiled. 3. Once the cheese is ready separate it from the water using cheese cloth. 4. Then rinse the cheesse with cold water to remove lemon flavour from it. 5. Now squece the chesse after folding the cheese cloth and let it hang for 30 minutes to remove all the moisture it contains. 6. After 30 minute take the cheese and add corn flour to it and mix it well with hands for around 8-10 minutes. 7. Once it looks like dough, make balls of same size from it. 8. Take a pot and add 4 cups of water, sugar and boil it on high heat. 9.

Chocolate Cake Without Baking

Something new for food lovers, chocolate cake without baking. Some may not have oven at home for preparing cake so do not disappoint because you can also make cake for your loved ones. Ingredients: - 100gm cookies (Biscuits) - 50gm butter - 500ml milk - 250ml whipping cream - 300 gm milk chocolate - 100gm sugar - 6 moisturized neutral gelatin Method: 1. Take the cookies and crush with hands. 2. Put it in blender and crush the cookies. 3. Now add 30gm butter to the crushed cookies and blend again. 4. The mixture will appear like a wet grit. 5. Take a pan, add litte butter to it and spread it with paper. 6. Add cookies to the pan and tap with glass's bottom or a spoon spreading it evenly in the pan. 7. Keep this mixture in fridge for about 10-15 minutes. 8. Take a casseroll and add milk, whiping  cream, milk chocolate and sugar to it. 9. Stir the solution continuosly while heating over low heat. 10. When all ingredienta re integrated then add gelatin sheet

One Plus 6: All Powerful flagship with Redefined Speed and Premium Design

Finally the wait has ended with the launch of new OnePlus 6, the successor of OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. This new phone features all glass body (at front as well as at back) having edge to edge display with infamous notch. The primary focus of this new OnePlus 6 is on speed as it is launched with tagline “The Speed You Need”. Body: As switching from metal to glass has been a trend in 2017-2018, this does not come as a surprise. Although having glass at back has its own advantages. The phone appears to be stunning with gorgeous black piano finish. The aluminum black side frame of the phone comes in glossy black adding to the look and feel of glass making it indistinguishable. Also glass has its advantage of strong grip as compared to the previous metal bodies. However, here are some disadvantages too. The latest version of Gorilla Glass tends to pick up micro-scratches and abrasions. Moreover it is a fingerprint magnet, the glossy finish attracts smudges. But this will not bother y

Google I/O 2018: Key takeaways

Each year Google brings in new innovations for its  users and this year at Google I/O 2018 the main focus of tech giant was AI, Mobility and how precious data can be used to make its services better. This tells us about company’s strategy that AI is future and also this tells us about how strong Google’s developer power is. DATA PRIVACY: While there are reports of data flaps around Facebook and how users privacy is compromised. While Microsoft has devoted a good chunk of his Build 2018 to avoid data control issue. But how devoted is Google in this scenario? Facebook takes a ton of data from users and know all about you but it did not do anything much in return. Facebook return to you is better ad targeting or connecting to your friends. Google has as much data as Facebook but it return favor on it. From its helpful Assistant, Maps, Gmail entry and learning your screen habits over time, there's a return on your data. GOOGLE DUPLEX: Google unveiled system that can hol

Android P: Top best Smart features of latest OS

Each year Google gives the taste of its sweet dessert to its users This year Android P is scheduled to release near future and Google has given snek peak to its users for its upcoming features. AI has been a buzz nowadays in this tech industry. Now at Google I/O 2018, it's clear that biggest companies are going to use AI at its fullest. With its Android operating system which is ruling smartphone industry in this world, Google released Android P Beta program during the Keynote on May 8. The latest OS from Google has AI integrated in almost every function even in its simple functions. The company has also introduced various features with the user's "digital well-being" in mind. Here's a list of the most impressive features that are going to make their way to your Android phone. App drawer: App drawer have developed with each Android update and this latest update will bring major design overhaul. This gives a clear nod to screens without. Also Android P

Role of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning in Smartphones

 Smartphones are latest trend nowadays with features measuring tall 18:9 display with minimum or no bezels. Also notch has grown nowadays along with superb camera featuring Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are buzzwords adopted by smartphone manufacturers. This is applicable from System on chip going to Operating system. Is this just marketing hype or science fiction let’s find out. For those who does not know what artificial intelligence is it can be best characterized as ability of machine to perform tasks including performing complex calculations which mimic human nature and carry out task which resemble human ways. Coming to smartphones now our smartphones are able to recognize the difference between dog and cat. This did not happen overnight it was taught over few years. The ability of a smartphone to ‘truly’ learn something new in its purest form, i.e. without intervention, is still a ways off. But in general its