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What is Near Field Communication: Explained

NFC i.e. Near Field Communication is a way of communication between two electronic devices one among which is mostly a portable device such as smartphones. These devices can communicate with each other when brought within 4 cm of range. NFC is being used in various ways such as sharing photos,  making mobile payments, getting information of posters etc. This process requires atleast one of the devices involved to have internet access. This is a short distance wireless mode of communication which involves two devices : Active device and Passive device. The NFC device can work in three modes: - NFC peer-to-peer - NFC reader/writer mode - NFC card emulation NFC peer-to-peer: In this both the devices are active devices that is both devices generates radio waves through which they communicate with each other. Only one device generates radio waves at a time and receiver connects to it and receives the shared files and when another device is active the first one does not genera

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max: Beautifully overpriced phone.

Apple a technology giant which started from small garage to become a trillion dollar company has launched three new iPhones. Apple a name known for bringing new innovations in the market has started evolving into a luxury brand. All the three iPhones aka iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR continue the same design language of previous generation iPhone X, aspire to offer a little something for every Apple fan and enthusiast. But they carry better hardware and improved software than previous generation iPhones. Design: The design is carried forward from previous generation iPhone X but size has been revamped to meet latest trends. The phones have a military grade steel frame around the edges, with thin bezels and of course no home button. The top notch is still present which makes room for Face ID facial recognition and more, proximity sensor, infrared camera, dot projector, front camera, a speaker, ambient light sensor, microphone, and flood illuminator. The silencer ro

Apple Watch Series 4: Beautifully redesigned with improved Health Capabilities.

Smartwatches and wearable sales were stagnant from past two years, because the innovations in this area were not enough. With smartphones developed at a massive pace, every six months we see new innovations in smartphone sector thus their sales are increasing day by day. So there was urgent need to improvements in smartwatch sector and Apple true innovator brought something incredible in its latest Watch series 4. The new Apple Watch has same design language as previous one, but thanks to edge to edge display you get more visible screen making screen 30 percent larger. Also size has been bumped a little to 40mm and 44mm sizes (compared to 38mm and 42mm for older watches). Apple’s direct control over the hardware and software are helping it to serve its devices well, it lets Apple to make devices more faster as well as efficient. Apple introduced S4 chip which is made specially for smartwatches. It is dual-core chip designed by Apple combined with improved software helps to make

Poco F1: Unbeatable Price with Incredible Performance

Gone are the days when top performing smartphones were too costly and were dream of common man. With chinese manufacturers jumping into market and making affordable smartphones, High end specs are not tied to high end phones. You could buy smartphone with same spces with half the price of flagship device with only little compromises. This market became more better with the introduction of Xiaomi’s new Pocophone sub-brand which out prices every other Snapdragon 845 phone on the market. But the general question arises in everybody's mind is if the smartphone really worth buying or what are its shortcomings? Lets find out. Design and build quality: The Pocophone F1 looks and feels simpler like the devices 2 years back. We cannot expect better finish with metal or glass combination, but the phone comes with polycarbonate back of the device. This could be taken in positive way as this plastic body provides better durability than fragile glass phones. Therefore this pho

Liquid cooling on smartphones - Explained

  The liquid cooling technology helps in maintaining the temperature of CPU more efficiently, thereby boosting performance. Nowadays we are living in era of smart devices, and one of them is smartphone. Every one carries smartphones with them and with each passing year competition between manufacturers is increasing. Every manufacture wants to create a device which is more power efficient and boost a world class performance. Nowadays CPU's in smartphones are built on 7nm and 10 nm architecture and have great performance. As the performance of device increased so is the heat generated by its internal components. With heavy graphic demanding games CPU boost its performance to its fullest thereby generating heat. Since smartphone is closed and compact therefore heat does not dissipate quickly, unlike laptops which have fans to maintain CPU temperate. CPU's have algorithms designed to slow down their performance when they get overheated to prevent damaging the internal

What is Deep Learning - Explained in General Terms

Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the terms which are being used interchangeably these days. Suddenly every one is talking about them – irrespective of whether they understand the differences or not! Whether one have been actively following data science or not – everyone would have heard these terms. But no one has a clear understanding of what is Deep Learning. Basically it is subset of Machine Learning which in turn is subset of Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning is type of Machine Learning which teaches computers to perform actions by learning from examples. Deep Learning is the key technology being used in Driver-less cars that enables them to recognize a stop sign and differentiate between a person and lamppost.It is the key behind the voice controls in various devices like phone, tablets, TVs and hands-free speakers. Deep Learning is gradually prevailing and getting attention lately. Using it, impossible results have been achieved. In dee