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Six cool gadgets that will make your life a lot easier

Technology is growing at an exponential rate and with each passing year the world is becoming more AI (Artificial Intelligence) focused. CES 2019 also displayed wide range of robots that will be changing the life in coming year, offering help in various manners. Here is the list of AI focused robots/products that will take your care on daily basis. Ovis: The self-driving follow-along suitcase Whenever we travel, we have to carry a heavy suitcase which are difficult to handle and move. But not any more as lugging your heavy suitcase through an airport could soon be a thing of the past. All this is due to new 'smart luggage' designed to faithfully follow its owner around. ForwardX, Beijing-based company has unveiled the latest version of its smart suitcase, known as Ovis. Ovis uses multiple sensors to stay by the side of its owner while avoiding potential collisions with obstacles or other travelers. In the core, AI system collects data from the sensors and ensure t

Xiaomi President smashes a walnut using Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi recently launched Redmi Note 7 in china and its build quality looked solid in its official tear-down video. To prove its point Xiaomi has pushed its edge with a unique way to demonstrate the toughness of phone. They smashed a walnut with the phone and video was posted by Lin Bin, co-founder and President of Xiaomi. The phone broke the walnut without damaging itself, but that’s not it. The video was also shot in 960fps with a Mi 8 so you can see the carnage in slow motion. Just like premium devices The Redmi Note 7 will also get the Night mode, according to sources this can be a hint of upcoming 960fps mode? Currently, the phone supports video recording at 1080p @ 120fps and 720p @ 120fps. The Snapdragon 660 chipset only supports video recording up to 720p @ 480fps. Mi 8 Lite does a recording at 720p @ 240fps with same chipset, so there is scope of improvement. Practically the Snapdragon 845 is also not capable of recording at 960fps. The company uses technique called int

Six Cool gadgets and tech launched in CES 2019.

Finest tech and gadgets were unveiled at CES 2019 which will get you excited about this year. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas every January, and is the most awaited one by technology lovers. Multiple eye catching products are launched every year, some of which can be bought right away and other are just concepts. Still it is worth taking a peek at six cool gadgets. LG HomeBrew: This cool gadget is dream and heaven for all the beer lovers. We have figured multiple ways to brew our own beer but none comes as close as new LG’s HomeBrew, unveiled in CES 2019. You have to load the beer capsules in the machine by the flavor of your choice such as American IPA, English stout, Czech Pilsner, American Pale Ale or Belgian Witbier. The machine will look after all the fermentation process and you will get five litres of beer after two-weeks brewing process. The best thing about this machine is that it cleanses itself before preparing for the next batch. Samsu

Ways Technology is helping the countries economy

With the increasing population the number jobs are decreasing day by day. Therefore mostly people find themselves Jobless even after years of hard work. When this situation arise in a country, look for implementing new policies to help its citizens. Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing industry and thus creating millions of jobs every year. Here are the five common economic effects of IT. 1. Direct job creation The IT sector is one of the largest employer worldwide and is expected to retain its top position in near future. In the US alone, IT jobs are expected to grow by 22% up to 2020, creating 758,800 new jobs. In Australia super-fast National Broadband Network alone creates 25,000 jobs annually. Nowadays for each one job in tech industry, five additional jobs, on average, are created. So with increasing technology, emerging markets and innovations will create millions of jobs in near future.  2. Contribution to GDP growth Various surveys in different

What is fast charging and How does it work? Explained

While purchasing a smartphone everyone takes into consideration its Processor, RAM and screen sizes. But as the hunger of speed increased, so the battery sizes of the phones. Therefore it become essential to charge the phone fast so as to fill up whole battery in little time and now it’s the biggest selling point while purchasing smartphones.  Each smartphone company has developed its own fast charging technology whether it be Samsung’s Adaptive Fast charging, Qualcomms Quick charge or OnePlus Dash Charge. But how does fast charging work, let’s find out. HOW FAST CHARGING WORKS First of all let us understand how battery charges and works. Every battery works in the same concept having two electrodes and an electrolyte catalyze reactions that convert compounds into new substances. Ions and atoms with too few or too many electrons form in the electrodes, driving a flow of electrons to the battery’s negative outer terminal and thereby supplying your phone with an electric