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Six cool gadgets that will make your life a lot easier

Technology is growing at an exponential rate and with each passing year the world is becoming more AI (Artificial Intelligence) focused. CES 2019 also displayed wide range of robots that will be changing the life in coming year, offering help in various manners.

Here is the list of AI focused robots/products that will take your care on daily basis.

Ovis: The self-driving follow-along suitcase

Whenever we travel, we have to carry a heavy suitcase which are difficult to handle and move. But not any more as lugging your heavy suitcase through an airport could soon be a thing of the past. All this is due to new 'smart luggage' designed to faithfully follow its owner around.

ForwardX, Beijing-based company has unveiled the latest version of its smart suitcase, known as Ovis.

Ovis uses multiple sensors to stay by the side of its owner while avoiding potential collisions with obstacles or other travelers. In the core, AI system collects data from the sensors and ensure that the suitcase stays within reach of its owner.

The best feature of the suitcase is that it has GPS tracking feature, so you can easily track the suitcase if it has been misplaced.

You can buy this incredible suitcase for the price of $799 (£625).

Instant language translator: Google Assistant Interpreter Mode

Google has a powerful assistant and its improving everyday due to its users. Now Google is moving one step ahead of its rivals  by bringing its AI language translation capabilities to its smart speakers. Now you can translate your speech to more than 20 languages, whether it be Spanish, Italian or french. This feature is coming this week via software updates to all Google Home devices.

Inubox: The automated dog toilet

If you have busy schedule and you cannot take your Dog out for morning or evening walk then Inubox has got you covered in a very techie way. Whenever your pet steps in the toilet for the usual task, the sensors detect when she's done her business. After that the shelf closes up and cleans itself, pushing the waste into a sand basket, which is eventually sealed into baggies that you can dispose of properly.
The good thing is that at the end of process it gives a treat for the dog. All this process is odorless to humans.

Foldimate : The Laundry folder

If you think that folding your laundry is hectic and time consuming task, then Foldimate is the best gadget for you. Foldimate will fold your freshly washed clothes for you with the speed of 25 items in five minutes.

The product has a hefty price tag of £785, the machine can take on shirts, trousers and most other items of clothing. The downside is that it cannot  fold your bed sheets for you.

Varram: The Pet-sitter
With everyone working for late hours the pets can get lonely without their owners if left home alone. Varram the robotic pet companion aims to change that. It can take your pets for short walks around the house to keep them active and even dispenses treats for good behavior.

Additionally you can link it to a mobile app so that you can monitor your pet while away from home. Therefore this device is best for reliving pets form separation, anxiety and to tackle a pet obesity epidemic.

BotBoxer: The Boxing trainer
Whenever you are training, a companion is needed for practicing, but not any more with the Punching bag BotBoxer.

This bag uses AI and adapts to the user's fighting style, ducking and weaving your punches to make you train harder.

Additionally you can adjust the difficulty level and if you max out the difficulty level the bag will be impossible to hit. If you are thinking of buying this bag then you need to take out £20,000 from your pocket.


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