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How to make Explosion Box

April 08, 2018

This is something which is more attractive and breathtaking to be given as a gift, the Explosion Box. As the name explains, it explodes with a lot of things in it on opening. It includes various items in it which adds to its beauty. If you are a crafts person, then you are going to love this. Grab your scissors and papers and try your hands on this.

Be ready with these:
- a pair of scissors
- colored sheet of paper

Follow these steps:
1. Take a sheet of paper of size 9cm X 9cm as shown in figure i.
2. Now fold inward at gap of 3cm in both directions horizontally and vertically as shown in figure ii.
3. Make diagnal folds outward as shown in figure iii and keep this aside.
4. Now take another sheet of paper of dimensions 8cm X 8cm and repeat step 2.
5. Cut along the edges marked in yellow in figure iv.
6. After cutting, place the pink portion marked in figure v over the yellow portion and paste making a pocket and figure will appear like figure vi.
7. Take one more sheet of paper of dimensions 7cm X 7cm and repeat steps 2, 5 and 6.
8. Now take the fist big figure and place the smaller one on it pasting the middle squares. Repeat the same with the smallest one.
9. Box's base is ready. You can put the heart box inside and paste a waterfall adding various ornaments to the box.
10. Write some messages or paste pictures in it.

The box is ready for explosion. Showcase your talent to others.

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