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QoS - Qualtiy of Service Explained

Providing sufficient Quality of Service (QoS) across IP networks has become an extremely important aspect in today's IT infrastructure. Apart from Voice and video streaming QoS is also important for supporting Internet of Things(IoT). Why is QoS important? One might have seen that there exist some applications that are delay sensitive for eg. game streaming websites. These websites prefer UDP protocol over TCP. The major factor differentiating the two is TCP re-transmits the lost packets whereas UDP does not care about the lost packets. Obviously for a streaming site or during an IP phone call lost packets are of least importance as re-transmitting them does not make any sense as the voice packets come in an orderly manner. Therefore these lost packets become a matter of concern as the voice quality of a call becomes unintelligible. However TCP on the other hand is preferred mostly while transmitting data from one PC to other as it will re-transmit any lost packet in order to

How to Recover Data from Corrupted or Crashed Hard Drive on Windows.

Most of us have encountered a problem when your hard disk fails to boot and load. We feel anxious and nervous when this happens as our crucial data is at stake, so successful hard drive recovery is important to everyone. This article will guide you on recovering data from hard disk thereby saving your time and money. We will guide you step by step starting from easy methods to complicated and more reliable methods. Every mechanical part has some life span after which they will fail. Since hard disk is an mechanical part, chances are it will corrupt any time, but good news is that there are number of recovery tools available in the market. Connect the Hard Drive to Another Computer If your PC is unable to boot and load OS then remove Hard Drive and connect it with another PC using USB to IDE/SATA adapter. This will connect Hard drive as an external USB drive and if it loads then you are in luck as you can copy the important files, photos or other data to another hard Drive.