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How to make a Never Ending Card

Here is something new to surprise your loved ones by not onle gifting them a greeting card but a never ending card which will force them to think on how is it working that way. So get ready to try your hands on this. Requirements: 1. 4 square sized (10 x 10cm) colored (say 2 green and 2 yellow) sheets of paper. 2. A pair of scissors 3. Glue Follow the steps: 1. Take a sheet of paper and make one horizontal and one vertical crease at middle by paper folding. 2. Now make two creases parallel to any one made in above step, exactly in the middle (shown in figure iii). 3. Fold the paper in such a way that we get 3 vertical creases (shown in figure iv). 4. Cut the paper along the lines marked yellow in figure iv. 5. Then fold the open ends upward (directions marked in figure iv). 6. Make three other figures similar to this. 7. Now be careful while pasting all these figures along. Place the figure as shown in figure (vi) with folded part of green colored figures f

Foldable Smartphones: Will they bring revolation to boaring market?

Smartphone industry the one of the most revenue generator is struggling due to lack of innovations. Smartphone sales were stagnant for past few years and now they are on decline. Users need something innovative that will let them spend hard earned money on device.  There were lot of leaks and speculations about foldable devices and they were true as Samsung gave the first glimpse of its upcoming foldable phone. They also stated that the phone will be mass produced in coming months. Samsung's senior vice president of mobile marketing, showed off the phone, which when closed is traditional phone but when opened becomes full fledged tablet. Since the display is foldable, a new technology was needed to develop it. Therefore the phone uses a new display technology called Infinity Flex Display, which will not degrade no matter how many times user opens/close the device "The Infinity Flex Display” represents an entirely new mobile platform, as now new dimension is available for

Broadcasting vs Streaming: If they are any different?

Both these terms are closely related in meaning but have some uniqueness of their own. Most people misunderstand broadcasting and streaming to be playing the same role and use these terms interchangeably. There is a lot more at the backend that separate these terms in meaning. Let's consider the examples to understand the significance of both: TV, FM etc are examples of broadcasting whereas Netflix, Twitch etc are examples for streaming. It has been a long time since there is a fight on the topic of Net Neutrality. This is one of the example for that. Earlier, broadcasting used to be free of cost and broadcasters would use any random frequency for broadcasting, which led to conflicts among broadcasters due to interference over same frequency. As a result of this Federal Communications Commissions was formed to regulate the frequencies. Eventually the broadcasters then had to pay the fees to FCC for getting license to broadcast. However on the other hand streamers do not have to