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How to get Google Pixel like camera on any Smartphone.

Google Pixel 2 won the world cup of best camera smartphone in 2017 and to continue the streak every one is counting on Pixel 3. This is achieved though powerful software having HDR+ technology. To know more about HDR or HDR+ refer to our dedicated article on this topic. Do you know now you can get benefit of Google Camera software to enable HDR+ on your any smartphone Samsung, HTC, OnePlus and more! You cannot get same results as Pixel as these phones are impressive piece of work, with strong hardware and software working in collaboration to generate amazing shots. Since most of the work is done by software so this Google Camera apk was build by tech savy fans with lot of hard work. In initial days the devices with this software support were limited but each day list of devices which can benefit from Google Camera is expanding. How to Get Google Camera app on your phone: 1.  Check the eligibility of your device from  XDA Developers website to see if a stable Google Camera mod i

What is HDR and when should you use it on smartphone?

Nowadays we encounter the word HDR in smartphones and cameras. However lot of us our clueless what these three words represent. This article will throw light on this topic and also explain how you can get best shots on any smartphone using this technique. What is HDR? If we talk about pictures the dynamic range define the difference lightest and darkest elements of an image. To enhance the dynamic range comes the High Dynamic Range, or HDR, which is the process of increasing the dynamic range beyond the range that can be captured camera lens. Thus HDR is used to create more accurate and real life representations of images as seen with naked eyes. Even though the ultimate goal of HDR is to create more impressive pictures, it's not a feature that should be used for every single photograph, it depends on what you are capturing. How does HDR work? When HDR is enabled the camera captures several images with different exposure values, then camera software intelligently combi

Google Pixel 3 Review: Was this Phone worth wait!

  Google Pixel 2 had the best camera in any smartphone, so to carry forward the streak Google Pixel 3 is here which promises to give you the best smartphone camera in 2018. Google intends to claim this title thanks to its machine-learning camera smarts. Pixel 3 comes in three colors, with names like Clearly White, Just Black, and the pinkish 'Not Pink.'. These are the real color names of the devices. DESIGN: Google carried forward the two-tone design. The transition between the two textures is more seamless, but it look hasn't changed dramatically. The entire back of phone is made of soft-touch Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The same strength glass is used for protecting front screen. Both front and rear glass are sandwiched in an aluminum frame with that has a hybrid coating. Glass makes phone more prone to damages but it has its benefits as well. It offers better LTE connection and wireless charging. That's why major flagships are made of glass in 2018. Much a