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Mediatek Dimensity 1000 vs Snapdragon 865 | Which is better?

Qualcomm is the king of smartphones processors and all the major flagship devices use Snapdragon processors. Now  MediaTek is back in the flagship segment with its new chip the MediaTek Dimensity 1000. But the big question remains how does MediaTek Dimensity 1000 specs compares with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 vs MediaTek Dimensity 1000 specs   Snapdragon 865 Dimensity 1000 CPU Config 1x 2.84GHz (Cortex A77) 3x 2.4GHz (Cortex A77) 4x 1.8GHz (Cortex-A55) 4x 2.6GHz (Cortex A77) 4x 2GHz (Cortex A55) GPU Adreno 650 Mali-G77 MP9 AI Hexagon 698 Hexagon Tensor Accelerator hexa-core APU 2x heavy cores 3x medium cores 1x ligh t core Process 7nm 7nm Camera support 200MP snapshot / 64MP single with Zero Shutter Lag 24MP dual camera 80MP single / 32 and 16MP dual Video capture 8K @ 30fps, 4K UHD @ 120fps, 720p @ 960fps 4K UHD @ 60fps Charging Quick Charge 4+ Quick Charge AI Pump Express Modem X55 5G & RF system 7500 Mbps down 3000 Mbps up mmWave Sub-6Ghz Helio M70 5G 4700

Dark Web | Should you visit Dark Web

What is Dark Web: Usually Dark web and Deep web are misunderstood to be same but there is a lot of difference between both. Easier way to understand this concept is by taking an example of an Iceberg. Public Web: The part that is visible on the top is the public web, that is usually accessible to everyone. Deep Web: The whole part of iceberg submerged in water is Deep web, contains information that is not indexed by search engines and does not require any authentication. Dark Web: Dark web is part of Deep web. Information that is not accessible by normal internet browsers. Why do people use Dark Web? It is mostly used by people who do not want to be found, may be they are involved in some kind of illegal business or just for the sake of their privacy from the authorities. Since, it is known that all of us are being tracked online for our activities by government authorities, some people want to have privacy in their lives. Whistle-blowers also use Dark web to be safe. Or it i