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Bitcoin: Futuristic digital currency

Few technologies have the ability to stir passionate online debate and baffle the vast majority of the population like bitcoin. It is a virtual currency which has been source of confusion since it has been introduced in the market. As we see Bitcoin's worth keeps on increasing and now people who had vast amount of Bitcoin during its introduction are now millionaires. Is bitcoin the future currency? Is it even a currency? What is it for? Should I buy some? Following are some answers to the questions. Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous internet user, invented bitcoin in 2008 before it went online in 2009. Without conclusive proof many attempts to identify Satoshi have been made. Bitcoin is a digital  that uses decentralized technology for secure payments and storing money that doesn't require banks or people's names. It was announced on an email circular as a way to liberate money. People see value in money independent from government control and from fees charged by ban

Galaxy Note 8: Samsung’s comeback with it’s big phone

Galaxy Note series are the devices made by Samsung that come with big screen, high end specs and most importantly S-Pen. Last year was not favorable for Samsung due to Note 7 failure as the devices blew up and were even banned for carrying in the planes. So this year Samsung was under a lot of pressure to come up with a flagship device to appeal its disappointed customers whose Note 7 was lost to ashes. Finally Note 8 was unveiled by Samsung which comes with a power packed features. Galaxy Note 8 is premium device having  6.3-inch QHD Infinity Edge display which is absolutely gorgeous. Display have a weird aspect ratio of  18.5:9. Samsung made the curve less severe towards the edges unlike S8 and S8 plus. This comes in favor of Note 8 as it helps for more natural writing experience. As the display is big and have a weird aspect ratio, you get an extra room for running multiple apps so Note 8 comes with App Pair feature which allows you to run two apps side by side on the displa

Now iPhone can be hacked using $500 device

Everyone is protective for their personal data and have 4 digit pass-code on iPhone. We think that its secure and no one can access our personal data but as they say software can have loophole and contain vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers. Recently Microsoft became part of wanna cry ransomware and half of the world was affected. Now there comes a device which can crack your iPhone password in mere 50 seconds. Recently, a new EverythingApplePro stated that the Chinese gadget is capable of simultaneously and quickly picking up passwords on three iPhone. Fortunately for most, that thing works only with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. But it requires extreme parameters to work in timely manner. The device contains 3 USB ports and is of fairly compact size, this device puts at risk all iPhone 7 and 7+ models running any version of iOSbetween 10.3.3 and 11 Beta. If you are running older version of iOS then attacker will have to import the iOS 10.3.3 firmware to your phone

Beware of Sarahah spyer is something that you might be seeing these days on social media sites. It is a new App where you receive messages form anonymous users. Anyone can message you without his/her identity being revealed. This is basically the fun part of this new App. It is thought to be the app where people are honest and tell truth as they don’t have fear of their identity being revealed. As most users are using this for appreciating others some are using this for abusing too. Sender is having fun by sending harsh words to others but on the other side receiver is disturbed by these messages. So after receiving these messages it is obvious that one will try to find ways for finding the identity behind the messages. This is a harsh truth, to their disappointment there is no way of revealing their identity. Many may have come across an App ’Sarahah Spyer’ where one has to fill register by filling some details in a form and on clicking ‘Find Sender’, it leads to nothing. This is b

Blue Whale: Suicide Game

Games are a structured form of play which are usually undertaken for fun and sometimes used as an educational tool too. Games are played purely for entertainment, sometimes for an achievement or reward as well. Games can take precious lives too! Shocking? This is what you are going to learn about in this article. This is about Blue Whale, the suicide game. Inventor of the game Philipp Budeikin claims that he is 'Cleaning' the society by killing his players, considering them as 'Biological Wastes'. Basically what is Blue Whale? Why is it in news? Why everybody is talking about it? Here is the answer. This game has already taken 150 lives from around the world. This is a 50 day game then player does not live to play any game. There is no way back once started playing it, as the administrators threatens them for harming player or his loved ones as they have access to all of their information. The game is played totally underground, players are asked to pl

Hyperloop: The Future of Transportation

We Humans developed different modes of transportation and as they say innovation never stops to amaze us. First we used to travel by road, sea then came an era of airplanes but as technology grew entrepreneur Elon Musk proposed “Fifth Mode of transport” back in 2012 named as “Hyperloop”. This is a concept in which travelers will be transported through tube at an massive speed of 700mph or 1100kph. This science fiction tech is now one step closer to reality. The most interesting Musk's statements is the Hyperloop is a cross between the Concorde, a railgun, and an air hockey table. The Concorde was fast and revolutionary for personal transport, a railgun uses electromagnetic forces to transport objects at high speeds, and an air hockey table reduces sliding friction to next to nothing. These concepts all pull together to make the Hyperloop. The passenger capsules are propelled by two electromagnetic magnets. The tube tracks do have a vacuum, but not completely free of air

Jeep Compass: All you need to know.

Jeep is a brand known for making SUV's for past 75 years, a brand known for making cars for people who want to live in the world of adventures, a car which has the capability to face any challenge. Jeep has been offering great cars to both dreamers and doers as they mould an extraordinary and uncommon bond with the drivers who prefer getting behind the wheel. So carrying forward the legacy, jeep has introduced a brand new car named as Jeep Compass. American car maker Jeep has intoduced a completely new 'Make in India' car completely for indian market with around 65% parts manufactured locally. FCA India, the local arm of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will sell these with wide price range starting form Rs14.95 lakh to Rs19.40 lakh for petrol variant and Rs15.45 lakh to Rs20.65 lakh for diesel variant is going to slice the land beneath the competitor car's feet starting from Hyundai Creta and XUV 500 at one end to high segment car's Toyota Fortuner and Ford Ende

How to resolve Blue Screen of Death Error

What is Blue Screen Error: Blue screen error also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is an error message displayed on a Windows computer system with blue screen when the operating system reaches a condition where it can not operate safely after a fatal system error . System crashed eventually. Why does Blue Screen error occur: BSods can be due to malfunctioned hardware, for example faulty memory, overheating of components, issues with power supply, or even hardware running beyond its specified limits or poorly written device drivers. General cause of Blue screens are the problems with your computer's hardware or issues with its hardware driver software. This error occurs while Windows encounters a “STOP Error.”. Windows crashes due to this critical failure and stop working. How to fix Blue Screen Error: There are various ways to fix blue screen error. Before proceeding, you need to identify what is root cause of this issue, is it a hardware or software that is lead