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PC not starting after installing/upgrading RAM | Solved

 RAM is an integral part of a computer without which it is of no use. Most of us face the problem when our computer does not start on powering on. One can hear the fan noise but system does not load bios. This happen when we update RAM or sometimes you re-insert ram after cleaning the system. There are three main reasons why your PC does not start after updating RAM. Your PC’s motherboard  does not support the total memory of RAM you are installing for example if you are installing 16GB of RAM and your system might not be supporting that. Another reason may be the speed of RAM you are installing is more than your system is supporting.  Ex Every system has a physical limit of total RAM that ca be installed and total speed that it can support. So you cannot install 32 GB RAM in system supporting 8GB ram and you cannot install 8GB RAM having 3200 speed if your motherboard max out at 2400.   The new RAM modules are not getting properly seated on motherboard. One loose connection will resul

What Is An NFT? Why NFT is no popular and What are risks associated with it?| Explained

NFTs are of hype nowadays because they are sometimes sold for astronomical sums, also major companies are increasing the craze as we can see these in art market and video games.   Most of the people are confused about these digital assets and how they are traded.? What is an NFT? NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, means the asset in NFT are non-fungible. Lets firtst understand what is fungible and non-fungible. Item which is "fungible" can be exchanged with an equivalent item -- for example, a $10 bill with another $10 bill or with 2 * 5$   bills. Similarly, Crypto currencies, which use a digital public record of transactions called a block chain, are fungible. However, NFTs are digital items that can only be bought and sold using blockchain technology. But they are not fungible, thus making them different type of asset. Mostly they are traded over Ethereum network. The most coveted NFTs that are in hype are released via collections of thousands of unique individu