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How IoT will impact online gaming industry.

Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a hot tech that is on everybody’s lips. It is a network of physical devices such as vehicles, home appliances and other electronic devices through internet connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. There are endless opportunities in IoT, when you start connecting things with things, humans with humans, or humans with things. Nowadays this hot tech has become an important part of our lives. Companies are earning huge amount of money by connecting devices and their revenue chart have skyrocketed. Gaming industry is one of the major industry which is impacted by IoT, and it’s most significant impact is on online gaming, whether they are consoles or online gambling.

Impact of IoT on Casinos:

One of the key area which has flourished over time is gambling industry.
Online casinos have been effected by the growth of IoT. Playing poker or blackjack remotely without going to the casinos is of huge advantage as people do not have to be physically present in casinos for playing. This saves the transportation charges as well. With the introduction of IoT in Gambling world, the revenue of casinos have increased tremendously as they do not have to rely only on customers visiting their casinos in order to generate revenue. Even Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are big hit in terms of gambling. With the introduction of virtual reality casinos, people can enjoy being in casinos without being physically present there. These types of casinos are the future of gambling industry.

Impact of IoT on Mobile Gaming and Consoles:

Mobile gaming experience has been improved lately, all thanks to development of powerful smart-phones. Few years back, the mobile phones has smaller display and even did not had high speed internet access. Now with the latest development of the phones and high speed internet access, people are able to immerse themselves in quality games.

Consoles, such as PlayStation and Xbox have developed over time, are extremely popular in online gaming world. These games have great graphic details as well as the option of huge screens. Nowadays our consoles are capable of accessing the internet quickly and easily. Thanks to IoT, you can play online games with anybody in the world and your game progress gets synced with all the devices connected with internet. So you can continue your game from where you left in any of the device.

Impact of IoT on VR/AR and Microtransactions:

Since IoT has reduced the gap between platform and player. Microtransactions are taking a hit as you can spend the actual money in the games that they spend hours playing. This allows companies as well as developers to earn money and work on providing a better technology. Now developers are focusing on creating VR and AR based games by connecting heart rate monitors, cameras, and touch/pressure sensors of your wearable’s and smartphones together for developing ultimate gaming experience for the users.
We are on our way to a more connected future, but for now, the true impact of IoT is speculative and immeasurable on the gaming industry. The best thing we can do is to stay informed about the potential impacts that it has.


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