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Six Cool gadgets and tech launched in CES 2019.

Finest tech and gadgets were unveiled at CES 2019 which will get you excited about this year. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas every January, and is the most awaited one by technology lovers. Multiple eye catching products are launched every year, some of which can be bought right away and other are just concepts. Still it is worth taking a peek at six cool gadgets.

LG HomeBrew:

This cool gadget is dream and heaven for all the beer lovers. We have figured multiple ways to brew our own beer but none comes as close as new LG’s HomeBrew, unveiled in CES 2019. You have to load the beer capsules in the machine by the flavor of your choice such as American IPA, English stout, Czech Pilsner, American Pale Ale or Belgian Witbier. The machine will look after all the fermentation process and you will get five litres of beer after two-weeks brewing process.
The best thing about this machine is that it cleanses itself before preparing for the next batch.

Samsung MicroLED modular TV:
Everyone has to stick with the size and shape of TV that manufacturer makes, but Samsung is taking the step forward with its Micro Led modular TV. All you have to do is bolt together displays to create the size and shape of screen you want. This technology is still in its initial age and you cannot buy one until 2020. Still this is innovative and will shape the future of the way people use televisions today.

Adding new panels is quick and easy with no complications, with the base units bolting together and a magnetically attached display going on top. You can build displays of any shape and aspect ratio, providing a way to display art as well as the latest films.

LG Signature OLED TV R:
Talking about televisions we cannot forget LG Signature OLED TV. Last year this was just a concept but now has evolved to full-fledged TV that you can buy. The thin 4K OLED television rolls down in its box seeming like nothing was present there, thereby saving space. When rolled down it can be used as music system. The only downside of this product will be its hefty price tag because its not just a TV but a set of furniture as well. This shows an impressive feat of innovation that will be copied by its rivals in coming years.

HTC Vive Pro Eye:
VR technology is grooming rapidly and manufacturers are not stopping to bring in new unique ideas. The Vive Pro Eye is a revolutionary step bringing eye tracking to the platform. Implemented on their excellent Vive Pro headset, the Vive Pro Eye makes experience more immersive and enjoyable and also more accessible.

Initially this device is targeting industry users and after that it will move towards gaming services.

Ring Door View Cam:
We always think that only small innovation is left in the market and already the best technologies have been innovated. If you think so then you must see Ring Door View Cam , it is the smartest peephole you’ll see.  It is easier to install in an existing peephole, this is because there’s no need for any drilling or screws, it’s ideal for renters or for use in apartments.
This is not it, it has some special perks in it such as an impact sensor that can pick up when someone knocks rather than pushes the button on the front.

Lenovo Smart Clock:
We have seen amazon echo spot, a circular alarm clock with a 2.5-inch display that’s perfect for your nightstand. Lenovo has pushed the barrier worth its smart clock. It can give you alarm suggestions based on a person’s daily routine. Also the device features 4inch display, hat auto adjusts its brightness level to gently wake you up.

If you think that is all of it, then wait, the Smart Clock has in-built Google Assistant that will allow you to control your smart home devices, just as you would with a Google Home mini or Google Home. You can buy this incredible device at price of $79.

These were the list of cool six eye catching products launched in CES 2019. Well the list does not stop here, so if you want to know more let us know down in the comments we will publish article for the same.


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