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Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: What is the difference.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are very hot techs nowadays which is on everybody minds, these are often used interchangeably. Nowadays whenever a product is launched the term AI is used with it. Sometimes people use term AI instead of Machine Learning therefore the difference between both of them becomes unclear.

Everyone is familiar with term Artificial Intelligence from the sci-fi movies, but this term was coined by John McCarthy in 1956. 

Artificial Intelligence:

The general meaning of AI is machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “Smart”. This include planning, understanding language, recognizing objects and sounds, learning, and problem solving. Main objective of AI except for performing complex calculations is to mimic human nature of decision making processes and carry out tasks in more human like ways.

There are two types of AI ie 'Applied AI' and 'General AI'. System that replicates and surpass human intelligence for dedicated purpose is known as Applied AI. Autonomous vehicles falls in this category.

General AI is defined as building a thinking machine which is comparable with human mind and surpass human general intelligence. This intends on building robots which think like human but in reality only a six-year-old human level of intelligence have been achieved. Thus gaining full general human intelligence is long way to go.

Machine Learning:

In this computer systems use algorithms to parse data and learn from it. Performance of system in specific task is increased with data. This does not require machine to be explicitly programmed. Thus a software application becomes more accurate in predicting outcomes and can even surpass human beings.  For instance the image recognition of dogs by softwares, in this a system is fed with millions of pictures of dog and it trains accordingly. So when they see picture of dog they can recognize it, but if this system see picture of cat they area unable to recognize it.

Nowadays Machine learning is part of  Applied AI: the self-driving Google car, cyber fraud detection, online recommendation engines— such as friend suggestions on Facebook, Netflix showcasing the movies and shows you might like.

Therefore ML represents the most encouraging path to strong AI but AI without using machine learning is possible, as this would require building millions of lines of codes with complex rules and decision-trees.


  1. You need to attend machine learning lecture to understand how it can helps the common people to communicate with people in different languages, play games, and do much more.


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