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Oppo Find X: Bezel-less phone with pop-up cameras.

As notches are spreading like an infection from one phone to another, Oppo has introduced one with its Oppo Find X : a cure - pop-up camera. After the Vivo NEX S, Oppo Find X is the second phone that introduced one and it is even more adorable than what vivo NEX S is providing.

Instead of a small slide out (intorduced in vivo NEX S), the whole top side of the phone comes up with the dual camera on the rear and the selfie camera on the front along with other elements. And it happens only in fraction of seconds.

Below are some features of Oppo Find X:

1. Panoramic Arc Screen - 
Visual revolution

This is the world’s first panoramic designed phone, designed so uniquely that it holds the nature's beauty into a leading technology product. In this phone the front screen is combined with two seamless pieces of glass that features a gorgeous panoramic view.

Panoramic Arc Screen: 6.42 inches
Panoramic View: 19.5:9
Screen Ratio: 93.8%

2. Unified Design - In pursuit of perfection

OPPO Find X offers exceptional smooth handling and exudes pure beauty with no holes visible on the screen and the unified design. OPPO has always pursued perfection and will be the center of attention, any time or place.

3. Gradient Design - Floating of lights

OPPO Find X comes in two innovative gradient colors - Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue, which gleam like a precious gemstone. An innovative multifaceted color process has been used in order to create the flow like gradient effect that results in giving elegant shine to the phone at different angles.

4. Stealth 3D Cameras - Beauty inside and out

A number of innovative technologies are present in the stealth 3D cameras contains like 3D Face Recognition system, front camera, rear dual camera and many intricate sensors. The smartphone photography will be redefined by the state of the art stealth 3D cameras.

Sliding Structure is Fall Protected i.e. whenever phone senses a fall the sliding structure automatically goes inside to protect the camera.

Durability Test: 300,000+ Times

5. 3D Face Recognition- Instantly and securely unlock

3D Structured Light Technology is introduced by OPPO Find X Android smartphone. 3D Face Recognition is 20 times safer than fingerprint recognition for unlocking the phone by using 15,000 facial dot recognition and intelligent analysis.

6. 25MP AI-enhanced 3D Camera - Personalize your selfie

Selfies taken with OPPO Find X are naturally personalized with the AI-enhanced 3D Camera that intelligently analyzes features such as face, nose, and eyes, etc.. Moreover, OPPO Find X is equipped with a 3D lighting technique that provides artistic portraits which allows the photo taken to convey a compelling story all on its own.

7. Fun 3D Omoji - A fresh way of expression

Any personal expressions can be vividly recorded with 3D Omoji that allows to choose a funny image or create a personal cartoon image. 3D Omoji will accurately present you in a fun way by capturing your facial expressions in real time. It is also easy to share your personal Omoji with friends

8. Dual Camera (AI-enhanced)Captures great stories

OPPO Find X's rear camera consists of a dual-lens module with combination of OIS which can produce excellent depth-of-field effects. Also, OPPO Find X can identify 800 scenes to become your "photography technique consultant with the all new AI Scene Recognition technology.

9. Snapdragon 845, 8GB+256GB - Faster than ever

OPPO Find X offers extremely high performance as it is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 8 GB running memory. Data processing is more efficient with the huge storage memory of 256 GB while the game acceleration mode optimizes fast and smooth gaming.

Mobile Platform: Snapdragon 845
RAM / ROM:8GB / 256GB
Battery: 3730mAh
Flash Charge: VOOC

10. ColorOS 5.1 - New visuals, new experience

This latest full screen era has brought a new visual experiences and reshapes the operating system. Oppo Find X has coped with this full screen by using ColorOS 5.1 that has been redesigned for the Panoramic Arc Screen for achieving a more user-friendly interface and interaction.


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