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SmartWatch vs SmartBand: Which One Should You Choose?

If you want to buy your first smart wearable and are confused which one to buy then this article is for you.

With the growing technology everyone wants smart devices, which help them to manage things on the go. This helps them to be productive, keeping up good health and have great personal life. Many people prefer these devices to manage health such as checking their calories burnt, heart rate and exercise intensity. Additionally some people prefer them as they keep them updated with latest notifications.  If you are planning to buy a smart band or smart watch then this article will help you to make an informed decision.

SmartWatch vs SmartBand:
We tested both the devices from both categories, so let's  enlist the devices based on parameters and compare both against each other.

Battery Life:
This is the biggest concern of every buyer as smartwatches usually have poor battery life and need to be charged everyday. So if you forget to charge it fully then chances are it will die before night. Thus making it useless for you, on the other hand Smart bands have a long battery life of about 6-7 days.
Some devices such as MI Band 2 and Mi Band 3 can last 20 days on single charge, therefore you will not have headache of charging it everyday. Also you will miss sleep tracking if your Smartwatch is charging at night, this is not the scenario in case of Smart Band.

Smartwatches are bigger and heavier than Smartbands. To become habitual of wearing the Smart Watch it will take almost a month. On the other hand Smart Bands are lighter and you cannot feel one wearing around your wrist. Wearing Smart Watches during sleep can make you feel uncomfortable.

Notifications: In terms of rich delivery of notifications and smartwatches are way better than smartbands. All due to bigger  TFT/OLED displays, it also makes them user friendly due to touch support. Smart bands have monochrome LCDs and does not support multi-touch feature which hampers user experience. Therefore interacting with the smartwatch is a way smoother than on a smart band and it gives you that premium feeling.

Water Resistance: Both smartwatches and smart bands come with IP64 or IP68 water resistant. But smartwatches comes with leather straps which can loose its texture when exposed to water or moisture. On the other hand bands have silicon straps, which have no impact of environment conditions.

Price: This is the deciding factor for buying the device. as you might be expecting, smartwatches are on the expensive side. Even though there are cheaper smartwatches launched due to competition, but they lack the taste and user experience of smartwatch.

Therefore, if you are health and fitness conscious and have less budget then Smartbands is the best choice. On the other hand if you want to stay updated with notifications and want rich user experience then you can go for Smartwatch. Also, do let me know your thoughts  in the comments.


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  2. Kids smartwatch has different entertainment applications which can be downloaded to keep your kid put all the time. The features of these devices include game playing, camera, and other recordings.

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