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Apple Pay vs Google Pay vs Samsung Pay: Which one is the Best!

Technology is growing at tremendous rate and now with growing technology you need not carry your wallets with you for shopping, buying groceries or eating. In latest trends mobile payment systems want you to forget your physical wallet and cards and carry only your smart phone or smart watch with you.

Rather than swiping card just tap your phone on payment terminal and pay. Currently, the most established systems are from Google, Samsung and Apple. Wearable manufacturers such as Fitbit and Garmin also offer their own payment systems.

So how do Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay compare and which one is best?

In all the three Payment methods you need to add your card in their mobile wallets then you can use them in any country that accepts contact less payments on terminals which accept physical card for payment. But there is an exception, Samsung Pay also works on old terminals which have a magnetic card reader.

Technology and availability:

All the three Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay use Near field Communication(NFC), for contact less payments. You just need to tap your phone on payment terminal and the transaction is complete.

Samsung Pay has one benefit over both its competitors that it uses magnetic secure transmission (MST). When you hold the phone against any terminal, it emits a signal that simulates the magnetic strip on a card.

Thus this also works on terminals which accept card with magnetic strip. Due to this they work on all terminals, without the merchant having to update their point of sale systems. It does not work on systems which require you to insert card in payment system.

Also all the thee support offline payment, for limited transactions.


Mobile payment systems use a technology known as tokenization to keep card details secure. It creates a virtual account number after adding card. So when you tap phone on payment terminal your virtual token is shared with merchant. Thus your personal card details remain secure.

There are different authentication methods used by the three tech giants. You can authenticate payment using TouchID , FaceID or PIN if you own iPhone. If you have Samsung device then you can authenticate payment using iris scanner, fingerprint or PIN. In case of Google Pay your phone needs to be unlocked with pattern, pin or fingerprint scanner for payments.

All three allow you to remotely wipe the device including card details, in case you loose your phone.

Other ways to pay

For payment here are some other options other than using phone:

You can use all the three on compatible on Smart watches

Apple Pay and Google Pay for browser payments you will need to authenticate yourself before payment. All these also work when checking out in several apps.

Peer-to-peer payments:

This system allows you to pay your friends and only Apple Pay and Google Pay support this service. If you own Samsung device then you cannot use this option.

Apple pay Cash has its own limitation you can only send money to contacts with Apple IDs through iMessage. Thus you are bound to apple device to send and receive payments. With Google Pay you can pay any phone number or email id. The app works across Android and iOS devices.

Therefore after discussing all the three payment options, Samsung Pay emerges winner as it offers more features and is accepted in almost all terminals.


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