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Curved vs Flat monitors: Which One’s Best for You!

Curved monitor technology is the newest one and is quickly overtaking flat monitors. 

Whenever you are setting up the home office the one thing you consider is the monitor. Nowadays with the technological advancements there are multiple options that are available in the market and curved monitors are gaining the pace. But the curious question always arises in mind, which monitor technology is better than the other. Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages, lets discuss them.


Curved Monitor reduces Eye Strain:

Curved Monitor replicate the curvature of human eye and mimic our natural field of view. While in most of us have to look at the monitor for long hours thus this technology reduces eye strain and other neurological problems.

Curved Monitor have better field of view:
There are technical ratings for curved monitor, such as 1500R, the R standing for radius. The smaller the R value, the deeper curve monitor have. Most of the companies offer monitors' with 1500R to 2000R and with new engineering advancements, companies are pushing to 1000R in which is more closer fit to the human field of view.  Therefore, we have immersive field of view.
Curved Monitor have bigger Screen Ratio:

The curved monitors are usually wider than the regular flat screen monitors since you can see the edges of the monitor easily. This is usually good for gamers and content creator's since they can multitask and fit much more things into the screen, which helps to boost productivity. For curved monitors, the screen ratio is mostly 21:9. 

Curved Monitor are costly:

Curved Monitors is a newer display technology that makes it difficult to build, hence resulting in higher cost. 

Whereas flat monitors have been there for long time, hence they are relatively cheaper than the curved ones.

Curved Monitor have more glare:

You make experience more glare with curved monitors since, one side of screen may always have more glare due to light reflection. Hence watching content may be difficult and you may feel dullness in immersive experience.

Overall, the advantages outweigh disadvantages of curved monitors, hence you will not regret your decision after buying a curved monitor and then you may never go back to flat screen monitor.


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