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Tesla Cybertruck: A perfect blend of Beatuty & Beast

December 12, 2019

Much awaited electric pickup truck was finally unveiled by Elon Musk at its Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. There were numerous renders but none of them came even a little close to the actual product. Tesla got over 250K pre-orders of the truck on just 5 days and the count is growing. But why is there so much hype of this electric pickup truck ad why is it such a big deal.

Tesla could have gone for a simple boring design just like other trucks in the market. But in this competitive market bringing just another truck with fancy specs won't fetch enough customers. So Tesla needed to design something jaw dropping. When Tesla cyber-truck entered stage, every one the the studio was jaw dropping, nobody could believe that this thing was actually a truck. Tesla brought futuristic design to the truck, making it unique. Even though there has been lot of memes of cybertruck but this only acts as free publicity for the truck.

The truck is made up of Stainless steel which Tesla says is the same one used in upcoming Space X Starship. Steel is ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled and as per Tesla it is bulletproof to a 9mm handgun. Also they showcased  “shatterproof” windows but the window shattered during the event.

There are three variants of the truck and the maxed one has a massive towing capacity of 14,000 pounds, leaving behind of its gasoline rivals, like the Ford F-150. This is also the best mileage truck by Tesla, promising 500 miles for the top-spec Tri-Motor AWD model. Top model can also get you to 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds faster than Porsche. The mid-range model will have dual-motor all-wheel drive and 300 miles of range. While the cheapest variant will offer rear-wheel drive from one electric motor, and have a maximum driving range of 250 miles.

Truck has a 16-inch ground clearance, a departure angle of 28-degree and , a  approach angle of 35-degree . The truck will have autopilot technology as Standard, When adventure time is over, owners will be able to turn on the company’s Autopilot suite of semi-autonomous technology (like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist) to help guide them home. Full self-driving is an option, too, though whether it will be available when the truck enters production is up in the air.

Cybertruck seems a perfect bang for buck product and not to forget the impressive new design that  is just eye-catching. Cybertruck has started a new design and durability trend which will be followed by trucks in coming generations.

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