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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 48MP camera Explained!

February 16, 2019

Xiaomi recent iteration in smartphone sector, Redmi Note 7 has created a lot of hype among its fans. This is because the phone ships with 48 MP primary camera and is the main highlight of he phone. Xiaomi has Samsung GM1 sensor at the back of device along with a secondary 5MP camera for portrait shots.

Talking about hardware Xiaomi has packed a powerful hardware after a long time [Basically after Redmi Note 3]. Under the hood is Snapdragon 660 chipset and looking at its features, the chipset supports only up to the 25MP single camera shots. This has let all of us wonder that how does Redmi Note 7 sport a 48MP camera? Is it fake? Lets find out.

Truth behind Redmi Note 7 48MP camera:

There are two different types of 48 MP cameras available in the market, Samsung’s GM1 and Sony’s IMX586 sensors. Redmi Note 7 ships with Samsung GM1 sensor, this sensor features 0.8μm-pixel sensor that is actually a 12MP sensor. The 48MP resolution is achieved by combining 4 pixels into 1.
So, the output of the shots taken from 48MP camera are actually of 12. This is because the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 sensor uses four-in-one pixel binning technology to make a 12MP image into a 48MP image.

What is Pixel Binning?

This technique is ISP level implementation process, in this 4 pixels combine information into 1 pixel. In Samsung GM1 sensor, pixel binning takes pixels in a 2×2 grid and combines them into one.
Therefore the information from 4 pixels is compiled to form one large pixel called the ‘Super Pixel’. Therefore this technique of combining 4 adjacent pixels into one “super pixel” is called pixel binning.

The main benefit of using this sensor is that the sensor size is large, therefore the sensor is able to capture more light which results in images having less noise. Therefore the Xiaomi used this sensor as marketing hype showcasing 48 MP camera which is actually a 12MP sensor. You can also show 48 MP shots in Pro mode feature available in the camera. The 48 MP image is made by compiling four 12MP shots to form one picture. Thus the noise level of image increases and also the pictures are not true 48MP shots.

What do you think about this Xiaomi 48 MP sensor, Do let us know down in the comments.

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