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Mobile Airbag Case: Case that acts as Airbag to Protect your Phone.

July 02, 2018

Each year price of smartphones is increasing and with this there is always a fear of accidental breakage of phone. Even when you buy costliest cases then also there is fear of internal damage due to shock. To avoid this a German engineering student has invented a 'mobile airbag' case. This is a prototype design that automatically deploys when a phone is dropped. There are lot of cases that protect your device from water damage or shock but they are too bulky and make your device difficult to carry. This technology is called as AD (active damping) phone case, this technology has already been patented. This case detect when your handset is in a free fall. It then releases springs to make the phone bounces on the surface, absorbing the impact.

This unique idea was innovated by Philip Frenzel, who is 25-year-old student from Aalen University in Germany. He realized this idea after breaking his phone by throwing his jacket over a Bannister. The impact cased internal electronics to break this lead him to start looking for developing a system to prevent dropped phones from breaking. He wanted a case that is smaller and intelligent instead of being big and bulky. After brain storming and developing technology for four years, he unveiled a case that comes with sensors that can detect when the phone is in free-fall.

The case has sensors attached to it, when the phone is in free fall the sensors prompts the release of four springs that cause the phone to bounce when it hits the ground. This avoid chances of getting device being scrapes and cracks. The springs deploy dampers into an 'airbag' position which essentially help in absorbing the impact of the fall. Once deployed, the dampers can be pushed back into the case, meaning you can use it again and again.

However as mentioned this case is not available for purchase but technology has been patented.  Philip Frenzel has also received an award from the German Society of Mechatronics for his invention. They have also published a video explaining the functionality of the device. According to the video the AD Case adds little weight to a phone while offering significant protection against drop-shock. Frenzel is looking forward for Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to commercialize the case.

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