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Airbag Helmets - New Innovation for safety.

July 05, 2018

We all familiar with Airbags, as these are used in our cars for protection in case of accidents. How would you feel if you know that now you can have an 'Airbag Helmet'? Yes it is true, three students form IIT Roorkee have made it possible.

What is Airbag Helmet?
This looks like a collar worn around a neck and having multiple sensors embedded in it. These several sensors are capable of sensing various factors such as lean angle, acceleration and much more. The founder of the helmet claims that it inflates within 100 milliseconds before an impact takes place.

How does it work?
The inflatable helmet comes with multiple sensors that helps it ti inflate 300 milliseconds before the impact takes place. The airbag opens to make a helmet like structure around the skull.

It is a kind of cushion that provides 4 time more protection as compared to normal helmets used these days. As the helmets used these days prevents skull from external injuries but not from internal bleedings that lead to serious brain diseases.

Therefore, this airbag helmet has a advantage to this as it is claimed to provide protection both internally as well as externally.

From where did the idea come?
IIT-Roorkee candidates got the idea of inflatable helmet during their internship at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) while working on inflatable space antenna. Three students picked the idea and used it for developing this Helmet.

Although these kind of helmets are built in foreign countries but those are expensive due to the sensors used in those helmets. Being constructed in India, students claim that the sensors they have used in this helmet are cheaper thus the market value of this helmet should be low.

It may take some time for these helmets to hit market as students need investors as well as industrial partnership for developing such helmets in bulk. However, this is already a hit technical product specially in a country like India where helmets are worn just for escaping the traffic police and not for personal safety. Helmets are considered burden but these light weight airbag helmets will definitely impress everyone.

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