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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845: Everything you need to know

Snapdragon 835 has already ruled the flagship segment phones of 2017 and now in 2018, Snapdragon has introduced its upcoming chip for flagship devices of 2018.  This chipset comes with significant improvements on board, ranging from improved modem to improved processing power. This chip heavily focus on multimedia , virtual reality and security. So lets dive into everything this chip has to offer next year’s flagship smartphones.

Faster Performance:

Snapdragon 845 is build on Samsung’s 10nm LPP FinFet technology. It boasts new Kryo 385 CPU architecture and an upgraded Adreno 630 GPU. In comparison to its first generation, it uses second generation 10nm node that offers 10 percent higher performance and 15 percent lower power consumption, . Overall Qualcomm promises of 25 performance uplift compared with the last generation Snapdragon 835. Chip now comes with 2 MB shared L3 cache which improves task and memory sharing capabilities within different core types in shared cluster. The four performance cores clock upto 2.8 GHz and are paired with four energy efficient cores that clock upto 1.7 GHz.

The Newly introduced Adreno 630 Visual processing system promises 30 percent improved graphics and video rendering than Adreno 540. It now supports display upto 2K x 2K in resolution with refresh rate upto 120 Hz, thus visual effects would be crisp and fluid.

Keeping up with AI:

Snapdragon 845 brags a 3x gain in AI tasks over the 835. This is all achieved from the combination of CPU and GPU improvements, chip includes 3rd generation Vector DSP with HVX, called the Hexagon 685, which is is optimized for AI and imaging workloads.  Also system introduces Qualcolmm Aqstic audio codec, which offers low power montering keyword detection and processing to power virtual assistant.

Better Camera Quality:

Qualcomm has rebuilt its latest Spectra image processor from the grounds up. The new Specta 280 ISP introduces new video capture options. Now we can record 720p videos as 480 fps and 4k 60 fps recording upto 16mp of resolution. Chip also has ability to capture 64x more high dynamic color range than before. There are further revamps too, for example accelerated software image stabilization, efficient multi-frame noise reduction,  and motion compensated temporal filtering.


Snapdragon thinks in 2018 world will make progress towards 5G technology so Snapdragon 845 boasts X20LTE modem which is Category 18 LTE complaint. It has a massive download speed of 1.2 Gbps abd 150 Mbps upload speed. It also supports improved Wifi modem which is 60GHz 802.11 ad Wifi for more robust coverage speeds upto 4.6 Gbps

Security and Extras:

Snapdragon has introduced dedicated piece of silicon for its new unit called Secure Processing unit(SPU). It is dedicated vault to save biometric information, such as fingerprint, iris, or face scans, and builds on Qualcomm’s existing security software. The hardware can be used for storing user and application security keys (used for encryption) keeping them secure from any potential software breaches that may occur at the app or even OS level. Thus this will keep our sensitive data secure.

Fast Charging has been upgraded to Quick Charge 4+, which is designed to keep devices cooler, charge device 15 percent faster, and 30 percent more efficient than last year quick charge 4. Finally, Bluetooth 5 support is included for connecting to the latest peripherals

2018 Ready:

Qualcolmm 845 appears well equipped with different processing requirements of machine learning applications, virtual and mixed reality. Also it supports pre 5G data speeds and higher quality media capture. Samsung galaxy S9 will be first phone to boast this chip and in 2018 all flagship devices will use it.


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