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Impact of AI on Human Employments

December 14, 2017

Here comes the answer to most argued topic about how the jobs will be affected with enhancement of AI. According to Gratner AI will create 2.3 Million Jobs in 2020, while Eliminating 1.8 Million. 2020 will be a pivotal year in AI-related employment dynamics as artificial intelligence (AI) will become a positive job motivator.

The number of jobs that will be affected by AI are going to vary from industry to industry, through 2019, healthcare, the public sector and education will see continuously growing job demand while manufacturing will be hit the hardest.

Gartner identified another predictions related to AI’s impact on the workplace:

Most of the highly repeatable tasks are already being managed by AI where large quantity of decisions and observations needs to be analyzes for various patterns. However applying AI to less repeated tasks will yield superior result, but if AI assists human in non-routine work, it will produce more beneficial results than AI or humans working alone can.

By 2022, one in five workers engaged in non routine tasks will rely on AI for a job. Research vice president at Gartner, Craig Roth said "Using AI to auto-generate a weekly status report or pick the top five emails in your inbox doesn't have the same wow factor as, say, curing a disease would, which is why these near-term, practical uses go unnoticed,". "Companies are just beginning to seize the opportunity to improve non routine work through AI by applying it to general-purpose tools. Once workers incorporate AI into their work processes as a virtual secretary or intern, robo-employees will become a competitive necessity."

Investing in technologies like AI and robotics, retailers will use intelligent process of automation to identify, optimize and automate labor-intensive and repetitive activities that are currently being performed by humans thus reducing the labor costs through efficiency, from headquarters to distribution centers and stores. Many retailers are already expanding the use of technology to improve the in-store check-out process.

Research vice president at Gartner, Mike Rollings said "AI can take on repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up humans for other activities, but the symbiosis of humans with AI will be more nuanced and will require reinvestment and reinvention instead of simply automating existing practices,". "Rather than have a machine replicating the steps that a human performs to reach a particular judgment, the entire decision process can be refactored to use the relative strengths and weaknesses of both machine and human to maximize value generation and redistribute decision making to increase agility."

Therefore it is time for organizations to begin right now, to make sense of the AI opportunity for digital business and to take practical steps to realize it.

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