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Survivor Filter PRO X: Electric 0.01 Micron Nano filtration Water Purifier

Survivor Filter
As population is growing water demand of resources is increasing at alarming rate. Fresh water which is now becoming more precious commodity than ever, it’s now more precious than oil. Drinking one gallon of fresh water is necessary every day. According to experts, a person can live without water for maximum three days, also 70% of the diseases are caused by drinking unhygienic water.

Due to natural or man-made disaster such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, chemical spill and pollution make water unhygienic. Its estimated that around 60% of the underground fresh water is now unsuitable for consumption due to addition of pollution.

Additionally, if you love to adventure and are outing on remote location, jungles or camping near streams and rivers, the water may look clean but in reality contains harmful substances that can make person sick. So as part of surviving all this, one this you should carry is survival water filter, which will help you to fight unexpected situation during adventures. Not all water filtering systems are the same. You will have to invest more if you want to filter out chemicals as well as contaminants. Also the size of water filter is a big issue. Thus water filter should be portable which can filter out impurities from water and provide clean drinking water.

“Survivor Filter PRO X” is a product which is enhanced version of “Survivor Filter PRO” manual pump. Survival filter pro was successful product and with some modifications the new “Survivor Filter PRO X” is here.

Mark CEO and creator of Survivor Filter pro said "While our customers love the Survivor Filter PRO manual pump, we listened to a lot of feedback and are excited about creating an innovative water filter that is even easier to use. We wanted an effortless version of our water filter that literally anyone could operate. We came back with an automatic version and kept the filtration as amazing as it was with our PRO version. With the triple filtration, the water out of the PRO X will taste even better than a water bottle”.

Survivor Filter PRO X weighs just less than pound and measures 6.3 inches in height. It contains triple filtration technique which can filter out impurities at an unbelievable level of 0.01 microns. The three-stage water filtration process consists of sediment pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a hollow-tube membrane ultra-filter.

It contains pre-filter module which is used to prevent sediment and large particles from entering filtering unit thus damaging the pump. In second stage of filtration process water is passed through “Activated Carbon” filter which traps the contaminants, resulting in clean and odor free water. Finally, third filtration stage consists of an Ultra Filter (UF), it contains medical grade fiber membrane and consists of hundreds of small porous hollow tubes. This membrane prevents waterborne impurities and particulates up to 0.01 microns to pass through it.

Thus this product can eliminate 99.99% impurities from the water such as virus, staph, and bacteria along with hard metals such as mercury and lead, making it safer for anyone to drink. It is powered by USB port to connect external source such as power bank and also contains two AA batteries which can power it when you are in remote locations.

Thus this is a great product and is very handy in emergency conditions. Main benefit of this purifier is that it does not contain manual pump found in many water purifiers, thus saving the time required to purify the water. Also there are few water purifiers in the market which can remove impurities up to 0.01 micros.


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