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How to create Simple and Attractive gift Card

July 16, 2017

Struggle for finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is normal? Be it a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, buying a gift is always a task as we are clueless about the recipient’s likes and dislikes. Well gift cards are a great options and handmade cards just explore bloom. Other gifts bought, lack emotions.

So here is something for you all, a simple and attractive card.

Take a sheet of paper of size 20*20 cm.

Now draw lines on it as shown in fig (i).

Now fold the sheet along the lines as shown in fig (ii). While folding observe that there is no gap left between two opposite sides after folding.
fig (ii)

Now, take a compass to draw Semi-circles of radios 5cm as shown below. Place tip of compass in the middle of the line and draw semicircle.

Cut the sheet along Semi-circles and your card is ready.

Now, most important, how to close it? Follow the patter shown in below figure.

You can use a fancy ribbon to make it look attractive. Write something inside and your simple and attractive card is ready.

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